How to choose the right baby blanket

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How to choose the right baby blanket

As a new parent your first instinct to do everything right for your child. Much as your heart beats outside the body now, you calculate every move to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable. Even though you remain sleep deprived for days at end, you will do anything to ensure that your little darling has a comfortable nap every time. One way to ensure that is to choose the right baby blanket. While comfort is the foremost priority, here are some of the other factors you need to bear in mind while purchasing baby blankets.

Choice of material:

The first thing you need to take care of is the material of the blanket. Your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and thus you need to choose material that is perfectly breathable and gentle on the skin. The obvious choice over here is cotton. Look for baby blankets with organic cotton material that avoid the use of any synthetic materials to ensure that the baby blankets remain a 100% breathable. For instance at you will find blankets made of organic cotton that ae not only suited to various purposes but can be customised as per your preference as well.

Safety is the topmost priority

While choosing baby blankets, the one thing that should top your list of criteria apart from comfort is safety. Thus it is best to keep away from blankets with any loose ends, fringes or ribbons as there is always the fear of the baby getting entangled herself while moving around. If plain cotton blankets do not quite cut it for you for you have an enhanced sense of style, check out the attractive range of baby blankets at that are totally safe and highly attractive too!

Its all in the size

Another thing that you need to bear in mind while choosing baby blankets is the baby blanket size. You may want to consider a blanket that is big enough to keep your child warm and serve multiple purposes such as bedding or a floor mat, but not as big to overwhelm your baby. A standard baby blanket size is 45” by 45”. A standard baby blanket of this size from may be well equipped to handle multiple purposes.

Types of baby blankets:

When you have a newborn to raise, you cannot be done with just a couple of baby blankets. It is imperative for you to have a whole  bunch of blankets to serve multiple purposes. Let’s check out the types of blankets you will need for your baby:

Swaddle blankets – Newborns need to be swaddled to keep the baby warm and comfortable. The ideal choice for a swaddle blanket is a thin lightweight material, that keeps your baby snug and comfortable on the one hand and lets her skin breathe easily as well. The number one choice for swaddle blankets is thus cotton muslin. You can choose to buy either a 40” by 40” inches blanket or a slightly bigger one such as a 48” to 60” one, to ensure that you have enough material to swaddle your baby in comfortably.

Crib blanket – Some experts suggest that a blanket in a crib is not a very good idea for a new born. In fact that standard recommendation is not to use a crib blanket till the child reaches the age of one. However, you may want to use a baby blanket in a crib to provide warmth to your child as she takes a snooze. If you choose to use baby blanket in a crib, make sure it does not have any large holes, loose threads or buttons as they may pose a threat to the safety of your child.

Multi-use blankets – When you are travelling with your tiny tot, you need multi use blankets that can double up as stroller pad in chillier months and an activity blanket to provide a clean surface for your baby to crawl around in.

To sum it up, you need baby blankets that are easy to manoeuvre for various purposes and soft, comfortable and breathable for your little darling. At you get all this more with our wide range of blankets that meet a variety of  criteria. Not only will you get a wide range of patterns and styles, you can even choose from the range of customisable blankets. For instance, the Baby Milestone Blanket Knit Photo Blanket is a huge hit with the customers.

Similarly, if you are looking out for a range of holiday blankets for your own baby, or wish to purchase meaningful gifts for a friend who has recently delivered  a child, consider the ccbabe range of holiday or Christmas blankets that are so entirely cute that they are sure to bring a smile to your face!

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