Creative Biolabs Announces One-stop Services about Adenovirus Vector

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Creative Biolabs Announces One-stop Services about Adenovirus Vector

New York, USA – October 16, 2019 – With relatively higher level of transgene expression, adenoviral vectors are common tools in gene delivery studies ranging from prophylactic vaccination to gene therapy. Creative Biolabs, a top-notch company excelling in adenovirus vector, provides preeminent services about adenoviral vector, including adenoviral vectors construction, characterization and purification as well as helper-dependent adenoviral vectors, adenoviral vector-based vaccine, etc.

Adenovirus Vector Construction

Adenovirus vector construction is a fundamental but significant operation in a wide range of research. In order to maintain gene transfer of high efficiency, PEG and pHPMA serve as useful methods to modify adenovirus vectors by experienced scientists at Creative Biolabs. Advanced recombinant adenoviral vector construction services including recombinant adenovirus rescue in mammalian cells, capsid-modified adenovirus vector construction, Ad/AAV hybrid vectors construction, etc. can be found at Creative Biolabs.

Adenovirus Vector Characterization

For adenovirus vector characterization, Creative Biolabs has developed a wide spectrum of characterization assays, such as adenovirus vector virus particles determination, plaque-forming titer assays and replication-competent adenovirus detection.

Adenoviral Vector Purification

High titers of purified recombinant adenovirus may be required for some applications, especially in vivo experiments, and downstream purification is the bottleneck in the manufacture of viral vectors.

“Since each virus has different biochemical and physical properties, the purification of the viral vector must be adjusted accordingly. You have to understand the process thoroughly so as to find the key steps that affect the quality of the final product,” said a senior scientist of Creative Biolabs, “We have extensive experience on that and promise to deliver a satisfied purification service.”

Helper-dependent Adenoviral Vectors

Devoid of all viral coding sequences and possessing a large of cloning capacity, helper-dependent adenoviral vectors (HDAd) hold great potential for gene transfer and gene therapy applications. To get a relatively pure HDAd, some strategies are necessary to inhibit propagation of infectious helper virus virions and Creative Biolabs provides different kinds of adenovirus vector construction services, including HDAd with Cre-loxP system, or other site-specific recombination and the helper viruses.

Other Services

Gene therapy applications require large-scale production processes that produce high-purity and high-bioactive carriers as well as meeting regulatory requirements for chemical, manufacturing, and control. Alongside the aforementioned adenoviral construction services, customers can also find other excellent and qualified adenovirus vector services including upstream bioprocess development, downstream process development, adenoviral vector-based vaccine development, adenoviral vector-based suicide gene therapy development, etc.

The new generation of adenoviral vectors can be used not only in therapeutic gene presentation, but also in other fields including vaccines, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, oncolytics, gene editing, immunotherapy and nucleic acid therapy. With skillful scientists and the latest technology, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop services about adenovirus vector with high quality and efficiency facing worldwide client.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a world-leading biotechnology company especially concentrating on delivery systems development for gene therapy. With a series of related cutting-edge platforms, Creative Biolabs offers global clients products and services that best fit needs. In addition to the adenovirus vector, many other potential gene deliver systems are also within the scope of business.

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