How a Specialist Research Team Supports Attorneys in Reducing Sentences

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How a Specialist Research Team Supports Attorneys in Reducing Sentences

Whatever crime has been committed, in many cases it may result in a custodial sentence. But this is far from inevitability and there are many factors that come into a state or federal sentencing – because of this, it is vital to enlist specialist legal support to ensure correct procedures have been followed and any sentencing that ensues is fair and appropriate.

The National Legal Professional Association (NLPA) is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offers a number of services associated with sentencing. Founded in 1986 by former attorney Hugh Wesley Robinson, the NLPA has a broad range of experience across state and federal cases including drugs, fraud and conspiracy, and particularly specializes in state and federal sentencing reduction.

The initial component of its service offering is preliminary sentencing assistance (PSA), where the defendant’s attorney is provided with access to information on fighting against sentencing enhancements, downward departures that could be of use in reducing a prison sentence, and other forms of sentencing programs that the court could pursue to allow a defendant to be free sooner. Information provided under the PSA also includes advice on approaches to modifying the Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Report, which ensures any sentence is based on accurate information and has met the procedural requirements of Rule 32 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, regarding sentencing. The PSA service also includes updates from the court on any activities related to the defendant’s case.

The next level of NLPA service is full sentencing assistance (FSA), where their research team works closely with the defendant’s attorney on any objections or motion to correct the PSI Report. This is an important feature in potentially avoiding any unfairly enhanced sentencing for the defendant, as the US government has been known to include disparaging information about a defendant that can influence the overall length of the sentence.

The FSA service also provides a detailed sentencing memorandum, which explains to the judge any mitigating information and gives reasons why the sentence should be lower than the PSI Report recommendations. Here the NLPA can also assist in making a formal request to the court regarding the facility of incarceration – perhaps enabling the choice of location that is close to the defendant’s family.

An extra service the NLPA can offer with regards to the location of the incarcerating facility is making a written request to the Bureau of Prisons designation office. Federal defendants can feasibly be incarcerated at any one of the numerous Bureau facilities all across the US, regardless of where the crime was committed or where the defendant’s family lives.

“If an individual is found guilty of a crime, then of course it is only right that justice is served and an appropriate sentence is imposed,” says a spokesperson for the NLPA. “However, this should not overlook the individual rights of each defendant, and that is the right to a fair sentencing that is based on accurate, relevant facts and due process being followed. We can work closely with defendants’ attorneys to make sure state and federal sentencing is carefully monitored and reduced where necessary.”

About NLPA

The National Legal Professional Association (NLPA) is a team of researchers with expertise in various areas of law, including deportation, immigration, pre-trial preparation and sentencing assistance. The organization was set up in 1986 by Hugh Wesley Robinson to provide specialist support and research services to defendant attorneys as they represent their clients. 

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