Blue Horizon Prints DNA Portraits Are Now Available in Australia and Worldwide

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Blue Horizon Prints DNA Portraits Are Now Available in Australia and Worldwide

Many believe that art cannot be confined to boundaries and limitations. Everything, from the most basic strands of life, has the potential to become stunning. With this in mind, Blue Horizon Prints is introducing its much-awaited service called DNA Art.  

DNA Artwork uses personalized DNA to create awe-inspiring portraits. These portraits are undoubtedly the most unique expression of art. Every person has a particular distinguishing factor in their DNA. As a result, the developed artistry is unique for each individual. DNA controls various characteristics of a person, such as their eye color. The full depths of what DNA has control over is still a topic of debate among experts.

The image on the DNA portrait is achieved by creating a DNA profile. DNA fragments are tagged with fluorescent dyes and literally photographed. The result is a series of bands and highlights which look like stunning pieces of modern art.

What makes this service even better is that Blue Horizon has simplified the entire process. To get started, they’ll send clients a collection kit that will contain everything that one needs to capture a sample of their DNA.

The process is quick and painless – as it only requires swabbing the inside of one’s cheek. Next, one needs to decide between the style, color, and size of the frame. With an abundance of options, it might take a bit of thinking for one to decide their exact layout and color scheme. The benefit of such vibrancy in the options is that no two portraits ever look identical.

The service is currently being launched in Australia; however, they do offer it worldwide. Fans of Blue Horizon Prints are quite excited to get their hands on their very own personalized DNA Wall Art.

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About Blue Horizon Prints:

Blue Horizon Prints are a premium quality seller of canvas prints & wall art photos on canvas. They offer a great variety of canvas wall art based products such as Stretched Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Floating Framed prints as well as Archival Paper Prints and Wall Decals. They have art for any modern living room space, every taste and for any room in the house. They have recently begun a new service called Personalized DNA Art. Blue Horizon Paints are proud to provide the best quality canvas art prints in Australia and are excited to dabble in DNA artwork as well.

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