How Harnessing Technology Provides Various Mattress Options for Quality Sleep

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How Harnessing Technology Provides Various Mattress Options for Quality Sleep

Advances in technology have made many areas of people’s lives easier and even hugely improved them, and this includes the ability to get a good night’s sleep. The physical consequences of inadequate bedding can be long-lasting and painful, yet developments in the design and manufacture of mattresses mean there is something different to choose from for everyone, depending on their physical circumstances.

Finding the right kind of bed, with the best bed frame and the correct mattress, can have huge ramifications for a person’s physical health, particularly posture and more serious conditions such as arthritis and chronic back problems. Even bed frames play an important role – they can prevent sagging in the mattress, which ensures the even distribution of a person’s weight and a suitable level of support for the sleeper’s body.

SleepMasters mattress store is a bedding company providing mattresses and bed frames in numerous cities across Canada, and have a specialist range of mattresses that each offer particular benefits. Their collection includes memory foam, pocket coil, natural latex and pillow top mattresses, which combine cool gel technology with organic cotton, natural fabric and organic latex. They also offer both single and double ended steel bed frames, which work depending on the size of the bed.

They stock popular brands such as Sealy and Dreamstar, and add an online shop to a network of showrooms in Montreal, Vancouver, Mississauga, Hamilton, Scarborough and Ottawa. SleepMasters mattress store also offers an innovative online tool that allows customers to list their preferred specifications for a custom build bed, which can be discussed in more detail with SleepMasters mattress store before being manufactured at Dreamstar Bedding, a Toronto-based company with more than 30 years’ experience in the field.

There is also same-day delivery for all orders placed in-store before midday. For further convenience, SleepMasters mattress store provides the ‘Bed in a Box’ service, where mattresses are specially rolled up and stored in a box for easy delivery. The mattress gradually expands after opening the box, requiring 24-48 hours to reverse its compressed state and expand to its full size.

The benefits of each type of mattress vary according to the technology that is central to it. Pocket coils allow support for the whole body, and help maintain natural spinal alignment; they also offer a cooler sleep and reduce motion transfer, where the movement from a restless co-sleeper can disturb the other. Memory foam also regulates body temperature and provides relief to pressure points; it features fewer allergens and also helps reduce motion transfer. Natural latex provides durability, density and firmness from natural materials such as soy-based foam and natural wool, while pillow top mattresses provide an extra cushioning layer at the top of the mattress to supply extra comfort and balanced support.

SleepMasters mattress store also sell mattress accessories. As well as bed frames, they provide upholstered headboards that can ensure quality sleep and provide protection for nearby walls, which can be easily worn and scratched by bedding. A quality headboard also provides comfort and support for anyone who wants to sit up in bed and read a book in relaxed style.

About SleepMasters Mattress Store

SleepMasters mattress store sells a range of Canadian-manufactured mattresses, bed frames, Bed in a Box and headboards from its website and across a collection of mattress stores in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mississauga, Hamilton, Scarborough and Ottawa. SleepMasters also provide fully customized options depending on individual needs.

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