Why Selecting the Right Approach for Divorce Creates the Best Outcome for All Parties

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Why Selecting the Right Approach for Divorce Creates the Best Outcome for All Parties

For any family, going through the process of divorce is a painful one. There is the time it takes to accept that a marriage has become dysfunctional – the slow, awkward realization that it has run its course and that the best solution is permanent separation. There is the shame of a ‘failed’ marriage in the eyes of friends, family and co-workers. And if there are children involved, there is the heightened pain of explaining things to them and helping them through the process.

However sad divorce can be a positive solution if the marriage has genuinely moved beyond salvation. Taking a healthy approach to dissolving the marriage, with the backing of the right level of expertise, can make all the difference and ensure those upsetting psychological after-effects are avoided.

Steven Jacob is a divorce attorney in Alpharetta, Georgia, who breaks the divorce process down into three areas – mediation, a negotiated settlement (which he calls ‘a good divorce’) and a contested divorce. Each approach has its own merits and justification but it is the first two that Mr Jacob recommends if divorcing couples are to avoid conflict and psychological harm to those close to them.

Steven Jacob is an experienced mediator, and mediation is a method that is being increasingly employed in family law. In this approach, the way in which the actual divorce and child custody processes are handled, are designed to minimize the long-term effects on those involved. Mediation is about communication, with a format that is built around an impartial mediator encouraging positive, constructive dialogue between both parties, in a manner that is amicable and non-confrontational. It replaces the previous emphasis in divorce trials on seizing an advantage over the other side, with tactics such as ‘smearing’ each other and generally swapping unpleasant abuse.

Similarly, a negotiated solution is focused on both sides conducting themselves with dignity, retaining focus on a positive mutual outcome in a calm and measured manner. Even if a mediator is not used, as long as both sides behave in an orderly fashion, it is possible to reach an acceptable settlement without the need to resort to trial proceedings.

A contested divorce involves going to court, creating an adversarial situation where lawyers for both sides argue their case, and the ultimate decision on matters is made by a judge. This is where Steven Jacob can provide representation and support but he can also use his mediation skills to try and keep divorce cases out of court. The courtroom has been the conventional, traditional setting for divorce cases for many years: down this litigation route, parent is pitted against the other parent, with a judge deciding an outcome that may only please one side and possibly neither.

“In mediation, the impartial role played by the mediator means no sides are taken,” says a spokesperson for Steven Jacob’s law office. “The process is usually quicker, cheaper and less stressful for all involved, making it unsurprising that it is becoming such a popular method of securing a divorce agreement.”

About Steven Jacob

Steven Jacob has practiced law since 1977 and now specializes in areas of family law including divorce proceedings, mediation, child custody, wills and powers of attorney and prenuptial agreements. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, the Steven Jacob law office also services the wider Atlanta area.  

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