“The Next Biz Thing” Expands Reach, Now Streaming on iHeart.com

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“The Next Biz Thing” Expands Reach, Now Streaming on iHeart.com

"The Next Biz Thing" Expands Reach, Now Streaming on iHeart.com

The Next Biz Thing, the acclaimed podcast renowned for its deep dives into business innovation and cutting-edge industry developments, is now available on iHeart.com, broadening its accessibility and reach across diverse listener demographics.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for the podcast, spearheaded by its host Markus J. Diplama. With a keen focus on transformative businesses and innovative disruptors, The Next Biz Thing is a vital resource for professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts who are eager to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

“Collaborating with iHeart.com is a thrilling step forward for us,” remarked Diplama. “This move not only diversifies our listener base but also enhances our commitment to delivering insightful content about the pioneers reshaping our world.”

Each episode of The Next Biz Thing features in-depth discussions, interviews with industry leaders, and analyses of trends that are setting the stage for future business models. From technological breakthroughs to revolutionary business strategies and sustainability efforts, the podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics that cater to a global audience.

iHeart.com, known for its extensive selection of podcasts across various genres, provides a perfect home for The Next Biz Thing. The platform’s robust infrastructure and vast reach will help amplify Diplama’s engaging discussions, making the latest business insights accessible to an even wider audience through both the website and the iHeartRadio app.

Listeners can expect the podcast to continue its tradition of challenging conventional business wisdom and offering fresh perspectives. Upcoming episodes will delve into the impact of artificial intelligence on business operations, strategies for fostering inclusive workplace cultures, and the role of venture capital in driving innovation.

“We are committed to making The Next Biz Thing a touchstone for anyone interested in the frontiers of business,” Diplama added. “Our new partnership with iHeart.com is pivotal in ensuring that our insights reach as many ears as possible, inspiring current and future generations of business leaders.”

For more information about The Next Biz Thing and to catch the latest episodes, please visit https://nextbizthing.transistor.fm/. Tune in on iHeart.com or download the iHeartRadio app to explore a world of business possibilities.

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