What are the principles that should be considered in hotel custom furniture design?

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What are the principles that should be considered in hotel custom furniture design?

With the changing times and rapid changes, the hotel and catering industries have also followed the trend and designed toward minimalism. Whether it is Western-style furniture or Chinese-style furniture, they are becoming more and more diverse, but no matter what, our hotel furniture choices , must match the style of the hotel. In other words, the characteristics of the hotel should be based on the design of practicality, artistry, family and personalization.

1. The practicality of hotel furniture. Hotel furniture is mainly based on the principle of use first, supplemented by decoration. The simple shape is more popular among modern people. The most important thing for hotel furniture nowadays is to be practical, and you also pay great attention to its functionality when purchasing. For most families with small living areas, those fancy and impractical furniture will undoubtedly become a waste of space.

2. The artistry of hotel furniture. For general practical products, we will comprehensively consider its operation mode and materials. A well-designed piece of furniture not only looks beautiful and appetizing, but also feels very comfortable to the touch. And if the artistic quality of the furniture is high, it can also embellish our pursuit of fashion.

3. The family nature of hotel furniture. Generally, hotel furniture of this type of design is very popular and can be adapted to hotels or home environments of various styles and colors. If you choose a set of hotel custom furniture with bright colors, it can also add warmth and romance to your life. The designs of personalized hotel suite furniture are very family-oriented and are a set of customized furniture very favored by young couples.

4. Personalization of hotel furniture. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of life interests has become more and more diversified and personalized. Different people have different personalities and styles, and they also have different hobbies for various styles of furniture. Some have Feng Shui charm, and some have Feng Shui charm. The color contrast is strong, some have unique shapes and quite alternative flavors, some contain ancient temperament, and some have strong artistic flavor…

  People’s pursuit and requirements for materials are very high, and in products that are closely related to daily life Pay more attention to environmentally friendly and healthy furniture products when choosing, and have a good hotel and home environment, which will definitely add infinite warmth to your hotel or home.

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