Basic concepts in an advertising campaign Is Explained

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Basic concepts in an advertising campaign Is Explained

One way to promote your business is to run an advertising campaign. 4proMiami can promote the brand in various media, but today we will deal with the basic concepts of the advertising campaign on the Internet.

Nowadays, the Internet is so accessible that we can use this medium to reach many users, potentially interested in our service or product. In the case of an online store with a new product, it is worth running an information campaign to appear in the minds of users. Let’s get to know your product, your brand.

However, how does the advertising campaign look like? What is worth knowing about?

Advertising campaign – the Most Important Concepts

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts that will come in handy when advertising your business. When running campaigns, you should check how this advertisement has affected important matters for us, i.e. the number of visits to the store’s website, or how it affected sales.

The concept of UU, i.e. a unique user, is important. The UU indicator is to answer the question of how many different (unique) people visited the store’s website in a certain period. Cookies are very useful for determining how many different people came to your site.

Other important concepts

• Page view (PV) – this parameter specifies the number of page views for a given page, i.e. how many times it has been loaded (e.g. by refreshing)

• Click-through rate (CTR) – you can check if a given ad is effective. It is checked how many people entered it to go to the store’s website or get information about its promotion. This ratio is created when we divide the number of clicks on the ad by the number of impressions.

• Conversion – it is about the user performing some action on the page he reached by clicking on the ad. Of course, most business owners will be satisfied when a user makes a purchase. However, other desirable actions include downloading the promotion file or subscribing to the newsletter. It is important to properly configure the conversion we want to measure!

Advertising Campaign – Marketing Budget

Advertising campaigns carried out on the Internet should be properly accounted for. There are different ways of accounting. Two concepts are important here:

• Price per click (CPC)

• Price for one thousand (CPM)

The first option is about billing when a user clicks on the ad, although you can also use the method of billing in advance for 1000 ad impressions. The CPM model is most often used at the moment. The abbreviation means Cost Per Mille, which is literally “cost of a thousand.” Advertisers then determine where the ad should appear.

However, if someone wants, they can settle accounts in other ways. You can also choose the so-called sale –




• FF

Regardless of which advertising campaign you want to run and how to settle it, it is important to set it up well to reach the best-targeted audience.

A good campaign should attract attention and increase interest in the store – and ultimately also increase the sales of its goods. Without such a presence in the network, you can rather record losses instead of profits.

Action in the Style of 4proMiami

There is no such thing as a standard marketing strategy. There is only what works on your market and what does not. Do you think that traditional marketing (billboards, radio) does not work, and activities in new media (blog posts, social media, etc.) are the only way?

Something different is appropriate for each target group – depending on the needs they have.

• Goal

• Research

• Preparation

• Sale

It is crucial for us to understand the needs, goals, and problems facing your company. That is why we gladly start with an audit, which becomes the starting point for formulating a comprehensive marketing strategy. And when we have a good marketing plan, we implement it as all major plans should be implemented. Step by step. We become your external marketing and PR department.

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