Discusses the Many Benefits of Employee Health

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If a company wants to be successful, it must have a healthy workforce. Employees who know their employer is concerned about their well-being feel more motivated to work hard and help the company succeed. Companies need to have policies that encourage a healthy mind and body. Human resources teams should give that support. Companies will reap many rewards for employee health.

Healthy Employees are Productive Employees

According to, in many cases, companies find that the happier the employees are, the more motivated they will be. Studies show that it doesn’t matter what the industry is. Even shipping and trucking employees try to improve their performance and drive more carefully when they are happier. This leads to companies saving money on fuel costs and reduces employee stress.

How to Promote Health

Offering the best health insurance helps employees be their healthiest selves. Concierge health, such as Eden Health, provides around-the-clock access to virtual care, gives insurance support for employees, and works with any insurance.

Undiagnosed stress and anxiety lead to employee burnout and high rates of job turnover. Companies have stepped up for employee mental health — now, it’s Congress’ turn. Mental health screenings should be incorporated into medical care.

Companies that provide health facilities and workplace pop-ups save time for busy employees. Having a facility in the office building is ideal for high-stress companies. Healthcare navigators that can manage claims, billing, and referrals will save employees and employers hours of their time.

Studies show that employees who exercise three days a week before work or do lunch are more likely to have better job performance. Companies can click for info about implementing a wellness program with exercise programs, weight loss programs, and nutrition education.

Mental Health

It can be easy to forget about the mental health of employees. Workers need to enjoy coming to work, or they will look elsewhere for a job. Employees who feel they aren’t treated fairly can also decide to sue the company. Lawsuits can ruin a company’s reputation and discourage the entire workforce.

Unhappy employees usually call in sick twice as often as happy employees. Companies need to create a sense of community by hosting team-building exercises, volunteering as a group, and growing together as a family. Teamwork is the best way to build community. 

Human Resources

Some Human Resources Departments encourage employees to come to work even if they feel drained or discouraged. Health insurance programs can provide mental health assistance. For employees who do not qualify for health insurance, there are often public clinics and services available to mitigate stress.

Increased Employee Retention

Employees who feel valued and taken care of by their employer are more likely to stay with a company. Employee retention can save companies thousands of dollars since the company will not need to hire and train new workers regularly.

Companies need to implement employee health and well-being programs. Those perks benefit individual employees as well as the company as a whole.

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