Au Pair Cost: Discusses If It Is Worth It?

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Au Pair Cost: Discusses If It Is Worth It?

Au Pair Cost: Discusses If It Is Worth It?

An au pair is a young person from another country who lives with a family and provides childcare in exchange for room and board, a weekly stipend, and the chance to be part of an American family. An au pair becomes a loved companion for children and a trusted support option for parents. There is a cost to having an au pair, and families need to decide whether the benefits outweigh those costs.

Costs to Hire an Au Pair

The cost may vary depending on the agency through which a family hires an au pair. However, the average expense for a host family could be anywhere from $80-370 per week, $350-1,700 per month, and $4,000-20,000 per year. For more specifics, learn more here.

Host families must provide a room for the au pair and food. Families must pay an amount for pocket money, and they may opt to help the au pair pay for a language course. Sometimes, the host family is also required to pay for insurance for the au pair. Matching agencies, such as Go Au Pair, also charge a fee to find and arrange details with the au pair.

Benefits of Hiring an Au Pair

Many families, according to, appreciate the flexibility hosting an au pair provides for their family. Au pairs can work up to 45 hours per week, with a schedule that can include mornings, evenings, and even weekends. They can work before and after school or on the weekends if that works best for the family. Au pairs can help with child-related chores in the house, therefore maximizing family time.

Competitive Costs

The cost to hire an au pair is competitive with other childcare options. Even with providing room, board, and a weekly stipend, the total cost of an au pair is about the same or less than hiring a nanny or using daycare.

Another benefit of hiring an au pair is the incredible relationships built. There have been many times that A family faced grief and new responsibilities. Au pair became a family member they needed. When parents have many children, driving responsibilities, and activities to attend to, an au pair can be a trusted helper.

Hosting an au pair can teach families about other cultures. Au pairs are excited to share their home country’s language, holidays, and cuisine. Often, an au pair becomes like a family member.

Hosting an Au Pair

There may be a few drawbacks to hiring an au pair. There may be a loss of privacy. The au pair will live in the host family’s home. Sometimes, an au pair can take three to four weeks to adjust to the country and the child care responsibilities. Hosting an au pair is a big responsibility.

Consider the pros and cons of hiring an au pair and balance them with the costs. This will help families determine if hosting an au pair is the right decision for their family.

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