Will Basta Talks About The Growth Of Ascend Ecom

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Will Basta Talks About The Growth Of Ascend Ecom

Will Basta Talks About The Growth Of Ascend Ecom

Santa Monica, CA – On June 23, 2022, Ascend Ecom founder Will Basta discussed how his company became a leader in the e-commerce space. Since launching in early 2020, merely 2.5 years ago, Basta and his team zoned in on a market and provided a solution that can help investors diversify their portfolio in the digital space.

This agency has changed the industry while making it easier for people to earn an income online. Basta has put a lot of time, research, and industry-based knowledge into providing the best-automated management services to sellers who rely on Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS to generate an income. 

Since Ascend Ecom has launched, the company has seen impressive growth which has allowed them to expand its services and become the leader in the industry.

  • Ascend Ecom is an entry point for investors looking to generate revenue online by offering a service that automates the launching and scaling  for the seller on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. This includes sales, logistics, and other activities.
  • All services offered by Ascend Ecom provide ready solutions for a successful e-commerce experience.
  • Brand new sellers with little to no experience can benefit from Ascend Ecom because Basta and his team manage everything from research to website building, and more!
  • Will Basta and his business partner Jeremy believe that part of Ascend Ecom’s expansive growth is due to the fact that they realized there was a gap in the market with e-commerce automation and they were the first  company to introduce an infrastructure that’s sustainable
  • Since launching Ascend Ecom in 2020, the team has provided services for over 300 happy clients. The network of sellers that use Ascend Ecom services continues to grow each day. It’s expected to double by the end of 2022 as well.

Will Basta is no stranger when it comes to delivering quality e-commerce services. This expert has over 10  years of experience in related industries. Before launching Ascend Ecom, Basta worked for several companies where he put his skills to use with business strategy, tech, and e-commerce solutions.

Basta is now able to bring all of that knowledge over to Ascend Ecom, where his skills have played a major role in helping people across the country find adequate e-commerce building services and solutions. To learn out more about who Will Basta is, follow him on Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/wbasta/ 

Ascend Ecom has the goal of helping people that use platforms like Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS. Anyone who is using these platforms or similar ones should check out what services Ascend Ecom offers today. There are many solutions proven to work that make managing an e-commerce store more simplified.

All e-commerce sellers or anyone interested in learning more about selling via e-commerce should follow the Ascend Ecom Instagram page at  https://www.instagram.com/ascend_ecom

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