Discusses Some Unique Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees

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When the holiday season rolls around,  some companies scramble to figure out the best corporate gift for their employees. They want to be unique, but they also want to be thoughtful. Although it can be difficult to choose an ideal gift that suits everyone in the office, here are some great ideas to consider.

Vacation Time

Around the holidays, employees often work very hard. Being gifted some paid time off can be a real morale booster, according to It can also help employees refresh themselves and return to work more productive and happy.

Tickets to Events

Giving employees tickets to an upcoming event is sure to make them smile. The theater, a concert, a football game, or a movie are all great options. Just think how excited the employees would be with tickets in their hands to whatever they love to do around the holidays.

Goodie Boxes

Goodie boxes from companies such as Packed with Purpose are a great way of making everyone happy. Companies compile boxes with all kinds of content. These boxes can be great for the chocolate lover, the calorie counter, and even the snacker.

Boxes offer local artisan foods and memorabilia. Corporations can have items embossed with the company’s logo or other significant slogans. Some gift boxes can include all of the fixings for a family game night, craft cocktail mixes, and even a bakery in a box. The options are endless, so go here to find out more.

Pampering Session

Employees love to feel appreciated. What better way to let employees know they appreciate them than sending them to the spa for a massage or pampering session? Employees can use the vouchers for services like manicures, pedicures, and facials.

Wine or Cocktails

Giving everyone a great bottle of wine can liven their spirits. The holiday season includes many parties, drinks, and get-togethers, and any employee would be glad to have a new bottle to share. Likewise, a great cocktail mix or creation will leave employees feeling loved and cared for.

Personalized Office Supplies

Personalized stationery, pens, and office equipment can make employees feel special. Everyone loves new pens, post-its, and desk essentials for the upcoming new year. A desk organizer is another hit among employees who like to keep things organized. Consider having it embossed with the company’s name to add to its uniqueness.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good idea. Let employees buy what they want, or need, during the holidays. 


Although it might not rank on the 13 High-End Corporate Gifts Even the Grinch Would Love, cash is a terrific gift. To make the gift personal, add a handwritten note of thanks or a decadent chocolate bar. Cash is a simple gift from an employer, but it is always appreciated. The holidays can be a stressful time for some families to make ends meet. Receiving the gift of cash might be the perfect thing.

Holiday gifts don’t have to be boring and expected. Consider one of these unique gifts to show the employees how much they are appreciated.

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