Terrie moore Jolly to Release Her Debut Book For The Summer Of 2022

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Terrie moore Jolly to Release Her Debut Book For The Summer Of 2022

Terrie moore Jolly to Release Her Debut Book For The Summer Of 2022
Titled “Whose Am I?”, the book has been published by Pure Thoughts Publishing, LLC with Dr. Marita Kinney and focuses on the author’s own journey through self-discovery.

Going to jail six times in three years may sound excessive, but that’s how Terrie moore Jolly’s amazing life has transpired. She has spent the last three years on a wild adventure in God’s boot camp of life, learning many lessons along the way that have opened her eyes to the many ways God sends us love, light, and healing. Through this book, the author recounts her blessings and lessons and wishes to share the enlightenment she experienced along the way.

Terrie Renee moore Jolly was born at Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and spent the majority of her life in the city’s northeast area. She endured numerous hardships, traumas, and blessings during her lifespan of sixty-three years, which she believes can aid many people in today’s critical times. Through her new book, Terrie documents her entire life’s experience.

She says, “If you’ve ever loved with all your heart or battled to survive, I can relate.” “To bring about change, people of all races, faiths, creeds, and genders must stand up and say, “Enough is Enough.” We’re all in this together!” she adds.

Her life has exposed her to the darker side of life, including childhood abuse, poverty, addiction, single parenthood, over twenty years in an abusive marriage, jail, and homelessness. Her incredible resilience is felt in each story. Terrie’s spiritual path took her from darkness to light thirty years ago, as he began her healing process into recovery and rebirthing.

She feels her actual enlightenment, or Oneness occurred three years ago. Terrie claims that the lower case “m” in her name, represents her ex-husband number 2, a surname she shares with her three boys, and symbolizes her role in God’s plan. She says, “Despite my ex’s great efforts to destroy me, I managed to survive and prosper. I was given the surname Jolly by my third husband, a man who was significantly superior in every regard. He is deserving of all caps!”

Her love, tenacity, and determination can be an inspiration for many readers who can buy a copy of the book, which is scheduled to be released in late summer.

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