Caspar Chou is featured in a New Professional Profile

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Caspar Chou is featured in a New Professional Profile

Caspar Chou is featured in a New Professional Profile
During the course of the interview, the noted real estate developer and business executive related some fascinating thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Alhambra, California – June 22, 2022 – When the writing staff of an online periodical concentrating on publishing authentic conversations with industry leaders approached Caspar Chou about becoming the subject of a new interview, he agreed readily, eager to share the wisdom he has accumulated over the years. The profile, which touches on Caspar’s early career as a successful entrepreneur, as well as his later experiences as a commercial real estate developer and investor, was published on June 17, 2022.

At the outset of the piece, Caspar is asked to point to some of the reasons for his career success. “Besides the obvious answer of years of hard work mixed with a healthy dose of networking and a dash of good timing and luck, I would have to say that learning the lessons imparted by my family, specifically my father, contributed to my success in a big way,” he replies, elaborating, “To be honest, if it weren’t for all the things my father taught me, my first venture might’ve turned out quite differently.”

Further along in the interview, by means of answering a question about what drives him to succeed, Caspar Chou replies, “I don’t know if I can put it into words exactly. I feel compelled to succeed at whatever it is I’m working on. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been like this. I think it’s an inherent character trait that will never leave me. I think it’s built in.”

Anyone interested in reading the profile in its entirety will find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Caspar Chou is invited to visit his professional website.

About Caspar Chou:

Caspar Chou is a noted West Coast real estate development executive. His current position is Vice-President of Investments at Pacific Plaza Premier Group, a real estate development firm that operates out of Los Angeles, California, and his area of professional expertise is overseeing mixed-use, industrial, and retail property developments located in the San Gabriel Valley, as well as overseeing real estate investments in Texas.

Caspar is also a lifelong entrepreneur, having learned many lessons from his father, who owned and operated his own real estate business for many years. Armed with this knowledge, Caspar founded his first company straight out of college in 1996. After early success with that venture, he created another company in 1998, which also thrived from its inception.

As the new millennium dawned, Caspar Chou felt the need to switch industries and try his hand at real estate development, partly as an homage to his father. He began by working as a real estate agent, developing marketing strategies and crafting customer outreach programs that resulted in over $150 million in residential and commercial sales over four years. In 2007, he joined the Green Tree Inn Hotel Management Group based out of Shanghai, China as their Vice-President of Corporate Finance. In 2010, he accepted his current position at Pacific Plaza Premier Group.

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