Malcolm Al-Leem to Release Debut Album

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Malcolm Al-Leem to Release Debut Album

ANTALYA, TURKEY – Malcolm Al-Leem is set to release his debut album “Pure” in late July. His lead single “Capital Gains” is already receiving airplay on Turkish radio.

With his newly signed publishing deal, Al-Leem is getting the reach that he needs. Al-Leem has said that the message in his album is clear. He aims express his feelings about the tough life experiences that he has encountered. In addition, he would like for it to be known that expressing one’s feelings is okay. According to him, “All our lives, we were made to believe that we aren’t supposed to cry. That’s a lie we were taught as children. That’s one reason there are so many divorces today; because of our stupid pride.”

While some people are gifted with knowing exactly how to communicate their feelings, others simply are not. Sometimes, when they find the words, pride gets in the way. Al-Leem draws from his experience of losing loved ones to relate to his supporters. His work communicates to his supporters to appreciate people they love without holding back and without letting pride or shame get in the way. “After you listen this, I’m sure you will find the right words to say.”

Al-Leem is exploring a new style. He has said that this album is inspired by U.K. Garage sounds. He has said that Craig David is one of his biggest inspirations. Al-Leem said, “Craig’s music transcends time.” This new approach may come as a surprise to supporters as it is one that he has not done before. He is hoping that this new approach will reach new listeners. Al-Leem anticipates that he sells 10,000 units in his first week. However, Al-Leem has said that numbers are not important to him. “I believe in quality over quantity” said Al-Leem. We will see what the level of quality is upon release of the album.

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