CKG Offers Premium Treasure Hunting Scoops and Gear

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CKG Offers Premium Treasure Hunting Scoops and Gear

CKG is an American company specializing in manufacturing and retailing treasure hunting equipment at highly approachable prices.

When Mel Fisher, the world-renowned treasure hunter, uncovered the fabled Nuestra Senora de Atocha shipwreck, the history of American treasure hunting was forever changed. From Robert F. Marx, over John Chatterton and John Mattera, to Phillip Masters and Brent Brisben, what seemed like a stroke of luck became a pattern. America was home to the world’s most successful and globally renowned treasure hunters.  

Thousands of Americans have since ventured to hunt for rare metals and ancient artifacts, discovering that this is more than a mere hobby, requiring skill, experience, and adequate gear. 

Since 2005, CKG has been the leading supplier of cutting-edge treasure hunting tools across the nation. The brand’s iconic Sand Scoop has helped numerous hunters uncover relics, artifacts, rare coins, and metals buried deep below the sandy shores. 

In addition to offering premium-quality gear, the company’s owner also wanted to edify aspiring treasure hunters about the importance of good equipment, imparting the following:

“You need to consider your budget, but it’s also a good idea to consider comfort and longevity. The long-handle sand scoop was designed to stop the continuous bending over and for when you’re in the water. The metal handle and stainless-steel scoops will last longer than the plastic scoops.”

Unlike contemporary treasure hunting gear suppliers and manufacturers, CKG relies on top-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel to create the most durable scoops. Built to last for decades, CKG products often live long enough to see multiple generations of hunters. 

CKG’s catalog has recently welcomed new additions. The CKG Sand Scoop for the Beach metal detector, a stainless-steel landscaping digger-shovel, and a convenient easy-carry pouch bag designed to store both treasures and treasure-hunting gear. 

The Beach Sand Scoop bundle is one of CKG’s top-selling products for a variety of reasons. The bundle is comprised of the treasure-hunting essentials, equipping beach coin flippers with the tools necessary to almost effortlessly discover deeply buried chunks of gold, silver, jewelry, and rare metals. 

Although the original CKG scoop was already easy to use, the introduction of the attachable 45.5-inch travel handles ensures treasure seekers no longer need to bend when exploring the sandy mysteries of American beaches.  

The latest arrival to CKG’s menu is the sand scoop for metal detecting – one of the best metal detecting shovels on the current market, boasting superior sturdiness and offering unparalleled convenience to both greenhorns and seasoned veterans of the craft. 

With a handy sheath and stainless steel construction, this landscaping tool helps foragers leave no stone or speck of dirt unturned while hunting for treasures in the great outdoors. Nearly impervious to nicks and dents, the CKG shovel is an essential part of gear for camping, mountaineering, and forest treasure hunting. 

More information about CKG and its full list of products is available on the company’s official website.

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