“The Bible, God and The Law of Attraction” by H.M. Ortiz removed from shelves per author request

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“The Bible, God and The Law of Attraction” by H.M. Ortiz removed from shelves per author request

Readers who purchased “The Bible, God and The Law of Attraction” by H.M. Ortiz (@hmortiz), consider themselves fortunate to own a copy of the book. After an international release of the book back in early 2021, the book is no longer available for sale anywhere in the world and the author explains why during an interview held at a local indie book store in Chicago.

Im very happy that the book came into existence and that it marked a milestone in my life as an author, in fact, that is the very reason I became one. The book itself was the first piece of literature I ever published and the memories and the excitement while typing it will never be forgotten, however, things change and that is because time, in most cases, implies growth and so did my personal beliefs regarding the Bible, God and the Law of Attraction. The way that modern beliefs have shaped in great contrast the world we live in today, how society has become more tolerant of what once was considered wrong and immoral, and which has caused severe confusion on people, particularly our youth and further distancing from God made me acknowledge that my book was part of what in fact I highly oppose. The proper way of advancing in life is by outgrowing the person we were yesterday. This is for the better of ourselves and consequently for the better of those around us and our communities. I have outgrown the man I was when I wrote this book and for that reason I decided its removal from shelves in all markets around the world. Distractions can keep people from reaching their full potential and often people will keep their goals vague, I can assure you that in life, you will not obtain what you want if you dont aim at it and my book promoted exactly that, a distraction. The Law of Attraction is a way to foolishly believe that one thought can become a reality and this doesnt make any sense, how can you think of buying a house while laying down in bed and unemployed? the Bible says in Proverbs 13:4 – ‘The soul of the lazy man desires, and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.’ This makes more sense therefore I will not promote something that will keep people from reaching their full potential and certainly will not promote something that will keep them away from God.” – Said H.M. ORTIZ (IG @hmortiz) during an interview at a Chicago indie book store.

Although the law of attraction has been around for many decades, it became quite popular since the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was published in 2006. As a result many called “LAO Gurus” became well known and many of them were accused of fraud and even murder, well-known figures such as James Arthur Ray who was convicted of three counts of negligent homicide for causing the deaths of three participants in one of his new age retreats and David Schirmer who admitted taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from people and he never paid back are some of the people who strongly at one point, promoted the so called Law of Attraction from which H.M. Ortiz has parted away from and now condemns.

Check out his website www.hmortiz.com for further details.

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