Stevie Lee Woods And Nashville Roadhouse Live Band Won The Best Television Music Video Award Of 2022 At The 43rd Annual Telly Awards For Their Worth-Praising Work

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Stevie Lee Woods And Nashville Roadhouse Live Band Won The Best Television Music Video Award Of 2022 At The 43rd Annual Telly Awards For Their Worth-Praising Work

The prestigious award was given for redefining the classic song, “Something About The Way You Look Tonight, “and putting soulful meaning into the well-directed music video.

Stevie Lee Woods and Nashville Roadhouse Live Band won the Best Television Music Video Award of 2022 at The 43rd Annual Telly Awards, which is a highly prestigious & respected award show. The award was presented for their hit remake of the Elton John and Bernie Taupin classic “Something About The Way You Look Tonight .”From the new soulful meaning put into each note to an even stronger drum beat throughout, nothing about this song has been left untouched to bring the timeless tune to a whole new level.

As the industry’s top honor for exceptional work, the Telly Award symbolizes expert craftsmanship and high-quality content. The Telly Awards expressed their views on the win, saying, “This is an incredible achievement! With several high-caliber entries submitted (over 12,000), this year’s Telly Awards entrants truly represented the most innovative stories being told across all screens. As a Telly Winner, you are the standard-bearer of excellence in our industry.”

When asked about the work of Stevie Lee and Nashville Roadhouse, British record producer Stuart Epps said, “This is a great version by Stevie Lee Woods. I have listened to people trying to cover Elton songs for many years. The first time I heard this, I thought, wow, this is great. Giving his own interpretation, giving the song new meaning, and not surprisingly, both Elton and Bernie like it. I’m sure everyone will. Best regards and Every success.”

Woods and the NRL Band’s version of “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” was released back in October. In the weeks since the song’s circulation has reached audiences worldwide. The original song, which Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote, was released on Sept. 8, 1997, by Mercury Records and Rocket Record Company. Woods said they were given full licensing for the song by Universal Music.

Entirely produced by Robby Springfield and The Legendary Stuart Epps and recorded live in the studio, the rendition of the classic tune is a refreshing twist on the song putting new soul and meaning into the well-directed work of art, Featuring Stevie Lee Woods and The Band bringing to bear their extraordinary instrumental talents, vocals  and a video featuring artists, musicians, and fans alike. This is a song that can be appreciated by music lovers and listeners everywhere who enjoy an excellent soulful song with great lyrics and good vibes.

With an extensive music background, Stevie Lee Woods combines his love for classic country music with his own style to create a sound that fans of the genre crave. He is an award-winning country music artist known for his smooth vocals and energetic performances. He honed his skills by learning from the best musicians as he has a great family background and developed a passion for music at an early age. Stevie has Charted 17 singles & won countless awards, including Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year, and more!  

When we got the opportunity and license by Universal Music to record “Something About the Way You Look Tonight,” we were beyond excited,” said Stevie Lee Woods. “We take a lot of pride in our work, so we were thrilled to have a go at a timeless Elton John original. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I know all of us from The NRL Band will never forget!

The Telly Awards is known for awarding the best of the best, and Stevie Lee Woods and Nashville Roadhouse Live Band take pride that their work was deemed award-worthy. While expressing his joy about the win, Wood said, “This year, we were incredibly fortunate to be nominated and win the Best Television Music Video Award of 2022 at The 43rd Annual Telly Awards. This award means so much to us and is always a reward when you can be recognized for your hard work and dedication. We are constantly striving and pushing the boundaries of our craft to make better and more remarkable work to please our fans and viewers. Thank you to fans for their continued support and for letting us know that our efforts aren’t going unnoticed because, without you, there would be no recognition.”

The general manager for Stevie Lee Woods &Nashville Roadhouse Live Band said, “This is an exciting time for the Stevie and The Band, and I am proud of what we have accomplished as a whole. We are proud of our work, which is not just a visual masterpiece but has won over the hearts of many people all over the globe. And we are happy to be recognized as creators who bring high-caliber stories to the screens with exceptional work. This amazing accomplishment is truly a testament to every team member’s ingenuity, talent, hard work, and dedication here at Nashville Roadhouse Live.”

The song has taken the whole music industry by storm and crossed more than 2 million plays on SoundCloud. The song is well directed and masterfully put together with great efforts and meaning, creating a work of art worthy of all ears and eyes.

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