This Virtual Human is the first of its kind people have ever seen

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This Virtual Human is the first of its kind people have ever seen

Recently,ZIYA is bringing the「Coca Cola inspired by the metaverse」Coca-Cola Byte limited edition with her.

Her name is ZIYA.

“Listen to the story.”

There is a world called Desert Sea, and this is a chaotic world ruled by several gangs…

Entropy Demon

As the name suggests, an entropy demon is a monster that can quickly turn the surrounding environment into chaos through “entropy increase“. They especially like to parasitize human bodies, causing their hosts to fall into a crazy state of entropy increase and eventually leading to self-destruction.

Eliminating an entropy demon will transform it into a rare form of energy cherished by those in the Desert Sea – entropy energy. One day, these entropy demons traveled through the multiverse and accidentally came to our Earth.

Their arrival has triggered all kinds of rogue behavior among human beings. Lafayette, the leader of the Modern Gals gang who accidentally created the entropy demon, dispatched a hunter who can recycle entropy energy and perform entropy reduction...

The story begins sometime after ZIYA has come to the human world. Here, she fell in love with physical exercise, which is also a kind of self-cultivation that can effectively fight entropy demons.

But the world is not peaceful anymore. Entropy demons have begun to invade in a large scale. People started to indulge themselves excessively overnight, and the phenomenon of entropy increase is spreading rapidly. If this is not stopped, it will inevitably lead to terrible and disastrous consequences. 

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Hello ZIYA

YUM ZIYA – today’s protagonist, being the first Virtual Human created by a designer toy brand, is a professional hunter who travels between the MG universe and the real world.

The 22-year-old ZIYA is not the same as other Virtual Humans that you are familiar with,   although she can still be like other virtual idols like Aoi Prism, Imma, Lil Miquela. She can come across as the girl next door. She is frank and strong-willed, enjoys playing mahjong and loves hot pot. Sometimes in the middle of the night, she would even blame herself for not expressing herself well in a previous argument. At the same time, she is also a warrior, a hunter from the Modern Gals.

ZIYA has no superpowers. With her strong fighting power and strong will, she survives tenaciously in the Desert Sea. If you are lucky enough to get invited to ZIYA’s home, don’t be intimidated by its decor, as she is the first to decorate the living room with loots she got from monster hunting.

Rather than taking a beautiful selfie in a restaurant like many 20-year-olds, she prefers to explore the unknown on Earth. Unknown means adventure. Her hunter instincts motivate her to constantly try all kinds of sports on this planet, like a sponge absorbing all kinds of experience and knowledge. Running, jumping, climbing… she loves them all! Behind every action and movement, there is a strong self-driving force hidden inside her. Only through continuous efforts and growth can she complete the tasks she shoulders.

ZIYA, who advocates self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle, does not get carried away by the rich material resources on Earth. She has never skipped a workout. ZIYA has experimented with many styles of dresses in order to better fit in with life on Earth, but the adventurous genes in her body cause her to favor a sportive style that can show off her confidence and strength.


She is unique

She is unique, and that’s not a compliment. It’s a fact.

She is the first Virtual Human to be released by the designer toy brand UNDERVERSE.

She is the first Virtual Human to have an action figure.

She is YUM ZIYA.

Behind ZIYA is an experienced production team.

Doesn’t ZIYA feel familiar at first glance? From her slender body, the unique posture and the creative settings, you should be able to guess that the designer is Australian artist Ashley Wood, who has created numerous classic IPs.

Those who are familiar with Ashley Wood should know that as one of the founders of the legendary designer toy brand THREEA and one of the founders of the up and coming UNDERVERSE, what made his works popular for so many years is the pursuit of precise details, limitless creativity, and the appeal of his unique design.

From the FALLEN ANGEL series created when he was working at DC, to the Tank Girl series he co-created with Jamie Hewlett, to UNDERVERSE’s Wilma Hawksworth, Ashley Wood continues to perfect his portrayal of female characters, and now the unique design style has a become his signature.

Ashley Wood’s unique aesthetics is rendered in a variety of media such as illustrations, graphic novels and action figures that combine realism and abstraction. His unique apocalyptic wasteland style and smart brushstrokes are present in all his works. Be it’s his previous works at Marvel and DC, or later on in the field of designer toys, Ashley Wood’s works can always be recognized at a glance. After all, unique aesthetics and stylized designs cannot be copied.

ZIYA is backed up not only by top designer toy artists but also by elite international dynamic design teams.

The person in charge of ZIYA’s motion design is Sun Somei, aka SOMEI Shaomai. Known as the “One Man Army” in the field, he once solely carried out the motion visual production for OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, OnePlus, Meizu and other digital manufacturers. Many of his works have been included in top streaming media such as Motionographer, Wine after Coffee, Stash Media, etc. He is also the first Chinese designer invited to speak at the Motionplus Design Meetup – Paris.

As a top business motion designer, SOMEI Shaomai has its own design logic. He has participated in the design of many IP collab projects such as EVA, Kong Shanji, LOL, etc. He is good at thinking from the perspective of product and design inspiration. For ZIYA,a Virtual Human with an adventurous spirit and sports aesthetics, SOMEI Shaomai is able to bring out the best of her in his motion design.

Wait… there is something more that will make all other Virtual Humans envy: collectible action figure ZIYA. With the double blessings of top designers and designer toy brands, UNDERVERSE will launch different versions of ZIYA’s collectible action figures, and enrich ZIYA’s character image by combining different scenes, costumes and accessories. An example is the classic limited edition ZIYA performing entropy reduction on Earth. Other highly anticipated versions will also follow soon.

UNDERVERSE’s successful track record in designer toys is a testament to the team’s dedication to excellent production. The return of TOMORROW KINGS, WWR2, SPACETRO PATROL and other series have brought together new and old collectors. It will be interesting to see what kind of impact the upcoming the release of ZIYA will have this time.


YUM ZIYA is not just a Virtual Human work but also a symbol.

ZIYA is a confident and strong, healthy woman presented with a unique aesthetic. Because of the special nature of a Virtual Human, there are countless terrains still waiting to be explored.

ZIYA is bringing the「Coca Cola inspired by the metaverse」Coca-Cola Byte limited edition with her. Increase your dopamine level with the low calorie happiness this summer. Come and explore the refreshingly new, yet deliciously familiar, Coke flavor experience with ZIYA!    

ZIYA is ready, how about you?

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