Who Is The NFT Artist Arthur Alfann who Condemns The Killing of Journalists?

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Who Is The NFT Artist Arthur Alfann who Condemns The Killing of Journalists?

Anonymous NFT Artist Arthur Alfann identifies as a global citizen. With this NFT project, she/he aims to create a free online school where students from all over the world can learn and have access to the best knowledge.

(Mondevert) – Arthur Alfann is a unique yet anonymous French contemporary artist who aims to deal with social and cultural conflicts with art, while also establishing a set of shared universal values with his audience. To further pursue this mission of creating a global ideology of shared compassion, he aims to use his NFT earnings to develop an online global school.

A spokesperson for Arthur Alfann made an official press statement “Arthur Alfann creates highly impactful art that is relevant to today’s political climate and societal divide. With his NFT projects on OpenSea, he aims to inaugurate a global online school where students from all cultural and financial backgrounds can learn equally and enhance their talents, while sharing universal values for the betterment of society.”

Cultures are LIGHTS that help us NAVIGATE our global citizenship. ARThur Alfann is a contemporary artist who lives in France. The colorful NFT’s express the vivacious atmosphere of the French culture. As the artist explains, “I love screens and projections so I welcome you to this visual and cultural voyage.” I love watching people. S.P.Y. is my threefold approach: SCREEN, PROJECTION, YOU What is projection? Basically, it is about your relationships with others. Projection occurs when YOU (unconsciously) take negative emotions you don’t like about yourself and ascribe them to someone else. It is pure Self-defense. Projection protects you from having to acknowledge parts of yourself that you don’t like. Therefore we are more comfortable seeing negative traits in others rather than in ourselves. Self-taught, Arthur Alfann began creating concepts as a means of dealing with universal values and cultural conflicts.

So Who Is This MYSTERIOUS French Artist who condemns The Killing of Journalists?

ARThur Alfann intends to remain completely anonymous. Can we still guess who is the man or woman behind this alias name? As a global citizen, ARThur Alfann traveled and visited every continent. Simultaneously, he/she is pursuing a voyage deep inside our psychology by proposing aesthetically bold and psychologically insightful pictures.  Some people say that this person could be the French Banksy, as when Banksy draws on real walls, Arthur Alfann draws on digital screens. This artist takes advantage of these digital walls to deal with global and intercultural conflicts with art. According to ARThur Alfann, our universal values condemn the killing of journalists.

ARThur Alfann started this NFT’s operation in order to help any student succeed academically and culturally. Thanks to these pictures he intends to create an accessible online global school  where thousands of culturally diverse students can meet. Rich and poor students will share the same universal values. Feel free to check out Arthu’s  NFT”s. For now,  ENJOY the voyage and deeply REFLECT on the pictures.  Connect here.

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