GGCM develops a crypto platform for the cause mining industry’s growth.

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GGCM develops a crypto platform for the cause mining industry’s growth.

GGCM has recently launched a Gold Guaranteed Coin. It will enable to own the gold in a digital way to store physical gold by using blockchain technology via decentralized access.

Gold Guaranteed Coin

The Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining established GGC to create a new investment channel. It enables everyone to participate in mining projects and benefit from the growth of the cryptocurrency market and the mining industry.

The GGCM (Gold Guaranteed Coin) growth rate is ensured by strong mining resources, such as gold and other precious metals, based on this potential. Gold is an important resource in the international financial sector. Gold is often recommended as a safe investment for investors who prefer to stay diversified. Upon consideration, the vision of GGCM is to create an army of clever and enterprising investors & ensure that each of their investors will become a natural resource owner in one of the world’s top mining destinations. GGCM is a new digital way to own the gold and store physical gold safely.

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In a recent development, the company has introduced the Gold Guaranteed Coin. GGCM is making it possible for anybody to own gold by tokenizing it & placing it on the blockchain via decentralized access. The following are benefits of GGCM Utilities offered by the company:

  • NFT share system —They will set a value in USD for 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM and divide it into a certain number of shares. These shares will be represented as rental-NFTs. Each NFT will have a price of USD and be rented for GGCM. 
  • Appreciation of value — Acquiring a gold-guaranteed cryptocurrency will benefit from the rising price of the token and the increasing cost of gold.
  • Minimization of risk — The cryptocurrency market is prone to significant price volatility. Their gold-backed tokens protect their users from this risk by saving the value of their assets from fiat currency volatility.
  • No fees or charges — No fees or charges will apply to the trades and transfers.
  • Security — GGCM has all the relevant licenses and permissions required by Mongolian law for mining ventures.

Furthermore, the founders have planned to set aa value in USD for 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM and divide it into a certain number of shares. These shares will be represented as rental-NFTs. Each NFT will have a price in USD and be rented for GGCM.

The user will keep the GGCM corresponding to the rental fee of the NFT locked on their platform in their wallet. During the rental period of NFT, the user will continue to receive profit corresponding to the NFT/NFTs in their hand from the pool, which consists of 70% of the mining revenues of GGCM.

When the rental period ends, the user can either extend the period by making a new rental transaction or get his GGCM tokens back by removing the lock on their wallet. A fee will be charged to the user at the lock period as a rental service fee. This amount may vary depending on the rental period. The longer the rental period, the lower the service fee. THE TEAM WILL BURN these GGCM tokens collected from the user.


The total Supply will be 500.000.000.000, and it will be divided into blocks.

  • A block: 2022–2024–
  • Other blocks: 2025–2049–475.000.000.000 (95%)

Visit the Whitepaper for further details on tokenomics. 

Moreover, All GGC tokens are initially locked within the smart contract. GGCM will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a high-end blockchain infrastructure developed by Binance, a global leader in blockchain technology. 

The value of GGCM could be influenced by many factors, some of which are beyond the mining project’s control. GGCM’s value may rise or fall, causing token holders to lose money. Potential token holders should evaluate if GGCM is a good investment based on their goals, financial situation, and unique needs and circumstances.

Prospective token holders must visit the following links to acquire more information about the project or connect with the community:


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