Torpedo Line Consulting, a small business woman owned IT company takes a hands-on approach to social issues in Africa

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Torpedo Line Consulting, a small business woman owned IT company takes a hands-on approach to social issues in Africa

Torpedo Line Consulting ramps up efforts to empower businesses in Africa looking to scale up their digital presence and, in the process, help women and the youth create a visionary change and improve their lives.

Torpedo Line Consulting, a leading for-profit organization that houses a highly skilled and versatile staff of tech experts and business professionals, is leading the charge in empowering organizations in Africa looking to drive social change and build an environment more inclusive for women.

In January, Torpedo Line Consulting connected with the Smart Girls Foundation, a leading youth women-led not-for-profit organization in Uganda to enhance their presence in the digital space. 

Torpedo Line Consulting, which has been a global name in providing technology services laser-focused on developing robust, secure, and stable technology solutions that produce stellar results, now looks at taking a hands-on approach in addressing social issues in Uganda through for-profit partnerships. 

Before the coronavirus brought daily life to a grinding halt in much of the world, Smart Girls Foundation was already keen on making a big marketing push online to carve out its own space in the global scene and bring its mission beyond the East African border to South Africa. 

On track with its mission to see a world where girls have self-esteem and the ability to make decisions and create visionary change, Smart Girls Foundation trains and supports about 150-200 young girls and women every year through its economic programs. On top of that, the organization trains some 20-30 peer educators to lead community development initiatives engaging 25-30,000 young people. 

Torpedo Line Consulting led the way in helping Smart Girls Foundation wade through the flood of difficulties in expanding digital presence amid a raging pandemic. Its team developed and maintained the latter’s website and an expansion website for its sister foundation, Smart Girls Foundation South Africa.  

TL Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Torpedo Line Consulting, stressed how important it is to empower and assist in enabling smart girls to be successful through the services it provides. 

TL said she remembered navigating the world as a little girl growing up in New York City and feeling frustrated by the lack of female guidance and support in her community outside of her immediate family. 

“My time in the United States Navy was not much different. Girls had to stick together, and what Torpedo Line Consulting is doing with Smart Girls Foundation Uganda and Smart Girls Foundation South Africa is no different. Something about seeing Jamila filling that space truly inspired me to get involved and throw Torpedo Line’s skillset behind any problem Jamila and the organization had for us”, said TL. 

At present, Smart Girls Foundation has facilitated the graduation of 200 girls from its Girls With Tools, while 150 others have secured internships. Meanwhile, 50 young women have started their own businesses, and 1,000+ more girls have been reached by its girls’ health program. In addition, about 6,800 smart bags have been supplied in the eastern and central part of Uganda from the award it has won from UNFPA innovations through Openideo. 

“If we can empower the little girls and boys of tomorrow, we can help drive them forward for success. I think that is why the working partnership between Smart Girls Foundation Uganda, Smart Girls Foundation South Africa, and Torpedo Line Consulting is so fruitful. We want to empower everyone through technology and our unique consulting services,” says TL. 

This is just the beginning for Torpedo Line Consulting. The team will continue to seek out positive business relations to leverage off of the work they did with Smart Girls. 

Anchored on its vision to customize the needs of clients and continue to grow and lead in the consulting market, they will continue to provide quality work to get the job done efficiently and within cost. Coupled with strong customer relationships, it is a solid mix for its mission and future.

Torpedo line plans to continue seeking business opportunities in the United States as well as abroad. The team continues to press on and meet their customers where they are, providing viable, affordable solutions the entire way.

“We will not stop until we get enough. We will continue to provide our unique and personable consulting services for website design, business management, and IT security. We are ready for the challenges and opportunities that come our way,” said TL.

Those who want to learn more about Torpedo Line Consulting and its entire list of services, including its efforts to address social issues in countries like Uganda, may visit the website for more information.

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