SafestPawz Launches its Wired Electric Fence for Dogs

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SafestPawz Launches its Wired Electric Fence for Dogs

SafestPawz has launched its wired electric dog fence that works both above and in ground.

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Without the loyalty of dogs, life would be a lot more difficult. However, managing their safety may be a pain for owners. The solution some owners are finding is installing expensive physical fences to keep in their pets to end their running away activity. However, they quickly discover that conventional fencing is not enough to keep a determined dog in, as they may jump over or burrow beneath it to get to the target of their curiosity.

Because of this problem, wired electric fences have become increasingly popular. Electric fences keep dogs contained while allowing them to roam freely inside a defined area. Sometimes owners on the other hand choose the “wireless” option of dog fencing systems. But that too has some downfalls, due to it relying on cell signal, which at times may be inaccurate to map a dog’s distance and location. To address this issue, SafestPawz has started selling their wired electric dog fencing system to delight both dogs and their owners.

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SafestPawz is a company that is heavily focused on being effective and humane with its containment system. In keeping with its reputation, the business started selling a wired electric dog fence with a collar that is suitable for most dog sizes. The system is equipped with a long-lasting battery and is water resistant which allows owners to create their perimeter in most weather conditions. The system allows owners to lay boundaries that are small up to acres of land, just lay the wiring based on the designated layout and the dog is now ready to roam within the safe zone constructed. The best part is dog owners alike can use the SafestPawz system simultaneously to manage up to three dogs at the same time, which is crucial for when owning multiple dogs.

The SafestPawz system works with a receiver worn by the dog to accurately maintain the dog’s awareness of its surroundings. The receiver generally gives off a warning beep and zing when a dog reaches the warning zone without harming the dog like other systems do. If the dog ignores this warning and continues, the system will then deliver a safe static stimulation that is certain to get the dog’s attention and direct them back to the designated safe zone set by the owner. As mentioned, this method is in contrast to some other wireless systems at times that are inaccurate and occasionally deliver cruel shocks to maintain a dog’s behavior and chosen location.

Being a trail blazer in the dog industry, the SafestPawz team is trying to set the standard for how owners go about protecting their dogs. Bringing awareness to the public about their containment system is their main priority so that the pitfalls with the current methods on the market no longer plague dog owners.

To get a hold of the SafestPawz team, please visit their website. 

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