VeraSaw Beautifying the Ever-Growing Metaverse with its Startling Tokenomics and NFTs

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VeraSaw Beautifying the Ever-Growing Metaverse with its Startling Tokenomics and NFTs

The blockchain technology was first introduced as a more efficient alternative payment method, it has now metamorphosed into a technology used for all forms of transaction and exchanges. Technically Blockchain can be described as a transaction ledger. The Blockchain technology has really dealt a huge blow to the usage and relevance of traditional financial system especially amongst the youthful population.

The Blockchain technology has greatly enhanced the speed and process of exchange of value. The blockchain technology provides transparency, privacy of transactions, all transactions carried out can be seen and viewed by all. Also, Blockchain provides liquidity which secures the price value of assets and commodities that are being traded.

Transacting with Blockchain guarantees security of your intellectual property.

VeraSaw – Beautifying the Metaverse

VeraSaw ($VRS) is a digital virtual plant token, forged from the deep and warm consciousness of virtual space. It represents the beauty and cleanliness of the metaverse. It is an object-oriented token, developed to beautify the metaverse environment. Its concept is derived from the modern-day home landscaping.

VeraSaw ($VRS), is the universe first virtual plant with its uniqueness, great stamina, incredible growth, super vision and dominance; it captures the essence of exactly what it means to be successful, the true beauty.

VeraSaw as a decentralized plant token would drive the NFT market-place growth in the crypto industry, by helping people recreate and beautify their dream or present real-life homes in the metaverse. You can also earn rewards such as TOKENS and NFTS through our Virtual plant Arena.

VeraSaw Economy

With the rapid growth in metaverse environment VeraSaw($VRS) was developed to add beauty to a possible human future environment.

VeraSaw is launched on the Solana blockchain, for easy transaction access and for its growing and widespread usage in the NFT and metaverse sphere.


  • Ticker/Symbol: $VRS

  • Decimal: 9

  • Mint Address: 2YCQcQgy9nNhgukjAur1jCvMXgSTQ5FVDc3ae3BcspXS

  • Network: SOLANA

  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Max supply: 10,000,000,000

  • Treasury: 0.5% (Monthly burn for 5 years)

  • Early Bird Airdrop: 1,000,000,000 (10%)

  • Team: 500,000,000(5%)

  • DEX listing: 3,000,000,000 (30%)

  • Burn: 1,000,000,000 (10%)

  • IDO: 3,000,000,000 (30%)

  • Referrals and Benefits: 500,000,000 (5%)

  • Token Development & Marketing: 1,000,000,000 (10%)

VeraSaw Design

VeraSaw is an object-oriented token, NFTs are designed from high-definition 3D graphics of various plant species. The introductory plant arena video gives a cinematic display of the essence of the project and is optimized in such a way that it could be rendered by even less capable GPUs.

VeraSaw Project is committed to transparency and charity and will ensure:

  • An Audit report will be provided for investors trust, also 100% of the funds generated from the IDO will go for liquidity and locked.

  • 4% of the tokens allocated for development will be used for charity cause

VeraSaw Application

In the Real-world, Landscaping activities involves modification and beautification of an area of land, estate or house to the specifications of the owner. With VeraSaw, same principle is applied to the metaverse, imagine owning a home or digital area in the metaverse and be able to modify and beautify your digital space to your taste and specification.

VeraSaw is designed to bring beauty and serenity to the metaverse environment. VeraSaw are virtual plants used for beautification and landscaping of your preferred digital space, it is also the first Metaverse virtual-plant driven project.

VeraSaw would offer a wide range of landscaping plant options for its investors and users. Like trees, grasses, shrubs, annuals, ornamental plants etc.

VeraSaw is all about digital beauty and the project is aimed at wide spread application in our everyday apps. We are looking forward to partnering with various tech enthusiasts and digital applications, to add beauty and style to your digital experience

VeraSaw Game Mode

The VeraSaw team plans on adding game mode that will run like a virtual reality, were users can actually design their virtual home gardens, walk to florist shops to purchase plants, employ and higher services of landscapers who they could interact with as shown in the plant arena trailer and also a competition like game mode feature, where users compete with other users for best garden designs, building homesteads, with an invention mode for new designs, the game also has a play to earn feature ,where users can earns tokens while playing .This feature is designed and simulated using C++ and rendered with the Godot engine, planting season and design sessions would be saved an archived to enable replay.

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