Kolored On Purpose Empowers Women of Faith Through Clothes

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Kolored On Purpose Empowers Women of Faith Through Clothes

Kolored On Purpose Empowers Women of Faith Through Clothes

For entrepreneur Kimico Atkins, faith is the driving force behind everything she accomplishes. She holds her Christian faith very dear to her heart. Knowing that many women also feel the same way, Kimico Atkins built her clothing and lifestyle brand, Kolored On Purpose, to empower women of faith to embrace their God-given identity. 

Kolored On Purpose is a Christian lifestyle brand committed to making women of faith feel included, celebrated, and inspired with products that are a reflection of their God-given identity. Our apparel serves as a reminder to boldly wear your faith. It allows the believer  to feel empowered, equipped, and encouraged in their faith walk. Whether it’s a social event, team-building function, the gym, or running a grocery store errand, she can show up unapologetically in her faith and make a declaration with her clothing.

As a Black woman, Kimico Atkins knows all about the importance of faith and her community. She is a leader, minister, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. But at the center of all her roles is her unwavering belief in God. She started Kolored On Purpose, so other Black Christian women could have clothing options that make them look good and feel good while being empowered by wearing their faith unashamedly. “What I created is something I like to call a clothing ministry,” Atkins said, “These clothes share the gospel of Jesus Christ. They also serve as a reminder to the believer to wear their faith. By doing so, everyone we encounter is an opportunity to Represent the word of God.”

With the clothing selection at Kolored On Purpose, creative visionary Kimico Atkins makes it easier for Christian women to minister to others outside the walls of the physical building of the church. “In wearing clothing that reflects our faith, we become more aware of how we center Christ in our daily lifestyle,” Atkins explained. “We represent Christ through our clothes. And the positive messages in the designs I made reaffirm the good news of the Lord. I hope that the clothes I offer encourage others to renew and strengthen their faith.”

Kolored On Purpose offers a variety of shirts, hoodies, exercise tops, and jogger pants. Each item of clothing features a simple yet striking message of faith that is both inspiring and eye-catching. One of the popular designs is the graphic shirt with the phrase “Unapologetically Blessed” emblazoned in an elegant script across the front. Another fan favorite is a shirt that says “All Faith No Luck.” Atkins shared, “What I love about the All Faith No Luck tee is how it reminds us that everything good we experience comes from faith in His divine plan and not merely luck.” The Rise Play Slay tank tops would also be the perfect motivator for a good workout for exercise enthusiasts.

Kolored On Purpose is beginning to branch out into other products as well. They currently offer a few children’s clothes and faith-centered coffee mugs. But this is only the beginning, as CEO Kimico Atkins has bigger plans for her faith-driven company. She said, “I want to create more products for the people committed to living a lifestyle of faith on purpose. I want to soon make a mark in fitness apparel, footwear, and home decor. Faith-centered designs should be seen in every aspect of our lives.”

Kimico Atkins has made significant strides to ensure that her company serves God by giving back to the community. “Giving back to communities is an integral part of our ministry,” Atkins explained, “And in our capacity as servant leaders beyond the walls of the church, we do what we can to serve communities and the youth. Kolored On Purpose currently serves on two faith-based nonprofit youth organizations board – Jesus University, where underrepresented girls are exposed to the arts through dancing, ballet to be specific. She also spends her time as the Marketing & Communications Chair for Never The Less, Inc., where they provide programs for 4th-11th grade girls. This enhances their potential as they enter high school and move toward graduation, prepare them for employment and career choices,  instill community activism and encourage them to reach back and help the next generation prosper.”

For people who want to share their faith through their clothes, Kolored On Purpose offers several clothing options. CEO Kimico Atkins shared, “We hope to draw others closer to Christ by the simple act of wearing our faith.”

Kolored On Purpose is a Christian lifestyle brand helmed by Kimico Atkins. To learn more about the company’s faith-centered clothing and lifestyle options, check out their website.

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