Ng Siu Keung – An Elite of “Food Technology” in China

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Ng Siu Keung – An Elite of “Food Technology” in China

(reporter: Carolyn Blais)

Mr. Ng Siu Keung, an outstanding expert in the field of Chinese food engineering, has an inborn gentlemanly demeanor. In a very relaxed atmosphere, listening to him explain food related topics in simple terms, experiencing the scientific and technological power hidden all food, people unconsciously entered his world of delicacies.

“There are many topics being discussed in 2022, but the most unforgettable one is the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Apart from the fighting spirit of the athletes, there are also a variety of delicacies provided in the Olympic Village. Whether Western or Chinese, it is a feast of world delicacies.” Ng Siu Keung said, “When you witness the diversified feast offered at the Winter Olympics, would you think about how these delicious food conquer the world and are positively welcomed? In fact, behind these delicious food is China’s unremitting dedication and technological innovation in the field of food engineering.”

Indeed, in the field of food engineering, Ng Siu Keung has the most say, because he is an outstanding talent and expert with international influence in this field. With his fascination and deep love for Chinese food culture, Ng Siu Keung has devoted all his enthusiasm to the research and exploration of the future development of food engineering, and has been doing so for 30 years. It is hard to be untouched by his eloquent talk about the development of related food science and technology. His deep love for the food engineering industry and his enduring pursuit of food science and technology are infecting people around him all the time, who also want to devote themselves to this great and noble cause that affects the future destiny of mankind.

Years of hard work has made Ng Siu Keung accumulate rich experience in the field of food engineering and cultivate strong practical ability. At the same time, he also has keen insight and clear thinking beyond this industry. After years of industry research and exploration, combined with the existing information technology, he has applied modern technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to food engineering, and developed a series of original technical achievements such as “Food Quality Inspection System Based on Physical and Chemical Characteristics Analysis V1.0”, “Hybrid Expert System for Food Processing Process Evaluation and Optimization V1.0”, “Recipe Customization and Food R & D Intelligent Decision-making Platform V1.0”,“Intelligent Control System for Food Storage and Transportation Based on Internet of Things V1.0”. He continues to employ the power of science and technology to help the development of food engineering industry. These technical achievements have strong application value and have been widely used once launched, providing safe and reliable technical support for food engineering related enterprises and effectively improving the scientific and technological level of the whole industry. At the same time, as an innovator and leader in China’s food engineering field, Ng Siu Keung also won many awards in the industry and was praised by many peers, industry experts and scholars.

In 2021, the 19th China Scientists (International) Forum, known as “China Nobel Prize”, announced two food engineering industry awards, namely “Advanced Invention Achievements of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Food Engineering in 2021” and “Pioneer of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Food Engineering in the 14th Five-year Pan”. Ng Siu Keung won two awards at the same time, deeply shocked the field of food engineering in China and even the world, and became the first person to win two Food Engineering Awards. Since there are no more than 4 candidates in each session of the award, it is imbued with a high prestige in the field of food engineering. In addition, in 2005 and 2007, in the Hong Kong International Food Grand Prix, Ng Siu Keung lived up to expectations and stood out from more than 300 gourmet experts from around the world, winning bronze and silver medals respectively. In the “2021 Hong Kong International Food Grand Prix”, Ng Siu Keung, an industry influential expert, was invited as a Chinese food engineering expert to compile the competition system process and formulate various rules for the Grand Prix.

At the end of the interview, Ng Siu Keung said: “Food is the first necessity of the people, and food safety is the priority.” There are no trivial things in the food engineering industry. As a practitioner in the food engineering industry, I hope that no one will suffer hunger and undernourishment in the world. This is my long cherished wish, and I will work hard for it now and in the future!”

Science and technology have no borders, so does the food engineering industry. Such a person, as Ng Siu Keung, is an admirable leader in China’s food engineering industry. There is a Chinese poem “who knows the rice that feeds is the fruit of hard toil”. Behind the variety of delicious food, there are endless wisdom and efforts of food engineering experts. It is believed that in the future, Ng Siu Keung will dedicate his unremitting efforts and outstanding technical achievements to provide more delicacies, health, freshness and safety to all mankind, bringing Chinese food culture, peace and friendship to people all over the world.

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