Franklin Tree Service Experts Has a New Emergency Tree Removal Crane

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Franklin Tree Service Experts Has a New Emergency Tree Removal Crane


Franklin, Tennessee – Earlier today, Franklin Tree Service Experts announced that it has invested in a new crane. According to the company’s CEO, the new crane will be dedicated to making emergency tree removal procedures safer and speedier.


“All emergency tree removal procedures have one thing in common—they are risky to work on,” said the company’s CEO. “For instance, one of the most common emergencies homeowners call to report is a tree leaning dangerously over a house, a power line, a fence, or a different type of utility. Such a tree needs to be brought down safely to reduce the risk of property damage.”

The CEO reported that when a tree falls on a property, the resulting damage in most cases is worth thousands of dollars.

“While the company is insured and can take care of any damage that happens during tree removal,” said the CEO, “the company wouldn’t want to keep damaging homes. This is why the company had to take special measures to keep damages from occurring. One of those measures involved ensuring the company has a team with years of experience in tree removal.”

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The CEO noted that everyone on his emergency tree removal team has at least 15 years of tree removal experience. What’s more, the CEO indicated that each team member needs the ability to operate the equipment used in tree removal.

“While an experienced team is good because it has the ability to identify risks surrounding a tree maintenance procedure and come up with solutions,” said the Franklin Tree Service Experts, “the team’s effectiveness may be reduced by lack of the right tools. This is why the company had to invest in a brand new crane.”

The CEO noted that before purchasing the new crane, his company was relying on rented cranes. According to the CEO, the rented cranes did not always work for his company.

“The company had a whole list of crane renters in Franklin and neighborhoods surrounding this city,” said the Franklin Tree Service Experts. “This was because the company could not rely on just one crane rental company.”

The CEO noted that his company offers emergency tree services on a 24/7 services. He added that in numerous occasions, when homeowners call very rate into the night, the company would need to call a large number of crane renters before finding one that would agree to rent out a crane late in the night.

“When the company is calling all these crane rental service providers” added the CEO, “homeowners would be sitting in the dark, panicking, hopping the already risky tree would not fall and cause extreme property damage.”

The CEO noted that with his company owning a crane, he will manage to reduce the response time to less than an hour.

“From today,” said the CEO, “homeowners can expect the Franklin tree removal team to be on their landscape in under 60 minutes. In most cases, the company will try to keep this number even lower.”

The CEO also noted that with the new crane, the cost of emergency tree removal service will reduce. Since the company will no longer have to spend money on renting a crane, charging homeowners a much lower price will be possible.

Franklin Tree Service Experts will reportedly be planning emergency tree removal procedures from it’s base of operation located at 130 Seaboard Ln, Franklin, TN 37067, United States. However, the company’s CEO noted that homeowners who would like to request an emergency tree service can either call +1 615-808-8224 or send an email to [email protected]

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