Tree Service Alpharetta Helps Homeowner Prepare His Land for Fruit Tree Planting

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Tree Service Alpharetta Helps Homeowner Prepare His Land for Fruit Tree Planting


Alpharetta, Georgia – After retiring from his state Agricultural job, Meshack decided to turn his attention toward farming. However, his 3-acre piece of property in Alpharetta was covered in trees. The homeowner’s goal was to get rid of all the trees on the landscape and replace these trees with a mixture of avocado and passion fruits.


“Getting the city government to approve the idea of removing the current trees was not easy,” said the homeowner. “The city was of the idea that the trees be left on the landscape to ensure the city was getting maximum benefits from the urban forest. However, after sitting with the urban forest management team and convincing them that the family was just planning to replace the current trees with trees that would offer double benefits, the tree removal permit was provided.”

After receiving the tree removal permit, Meshack embarked on the next task which would involve looking for a team to handle the tree removal procedure for him. Meshack’s goal was to get a team that wouldn’t charge him outrageous prices for the tree removal procedure. The homeowner also planned to work with a company that would complete the tree removal procedure as soon as possible.

Tree Service Alpharetta was suggested by a close friend,” said Meshack. “The friend mentioned that he had been using the company for nearly 15 years and the company had never disappointed him. When the family called the company’s front desk, the customer support agent on the other end of the line was more than willing to explain how the company operated. The lady noted that a professional would be sent to the landscape before the end of the day to inspect the trees and provided a quotation.”

Tree Service Alpharetta reportedly kept its word and a professional showed up on Meshack’s landscape an hour later. The company surprised Meshack with an extremely affordable tree service price.

“A simple look at the quotation delivered was enough to tell that the company was offering the family a good deal,” said Meshack. “The plans for handling the tree removal procedure were completed that same evening with the professional agreeing to send his tree removal team the next day.”

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Meshack reportedly expected the tree removal procedure to take several weeks since Tree Service Alpharetta was removing more than 40 trees.

“The company’s team of tree service professionals decided to surprise the family by removing a minimum of 8 trees every single day,” said Meshack. “By the end of the 5th day, all 40 trees had been removed together with the stumps. The only thing that remained was collecting the waste generated by the entire procedure. The company came back on the 6th day and collected all the waste, leaving the landscape ready for the fruit tree planting procedure.”

Meshack told a group of reporters that he intends to initiate the fruit tree planting procedure next week. He plans to complete the procedure as soon as possible to ensure his landscape regains the benefit it was enjoying before he removed the previous trees.

“The goal is to get fruit trees that are as close to maturity as possible,” said Meshack. “The sooner the trees reach maturity and start regulating the carbon dioxide, heat, and providing shade, the better. Currently, the family is in negotiation with a fruit nursery in Alpharetta. The tree nursery has some nice sized fruit trees that the family would like to have on the landscape.”

Tree Service Alpharetta notes that its offices are located at 945 North Point Dr #1230, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States. The company, however, can be contacted easily at +1 678-990-1862 and [email protected]

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