Riverside Tree Service Helps Homeowner Prepare Landscape for New Car Shed

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Riverside Tree Service Helps Homeowner Prepare Landscape for New Car Shed


Riverside, California – When Kingsley moved to his new home in Riverside, the homeowner was surprised to learn that the home was not designed to handle multiple cars. Kingsley and his wife reportedly had 5 cars when they moved to their home. The available garage could accommodate a maximum of one car.


“The family is made up of car lovers,” said Kingsley. “This means that the family was not willing to sell the 4 cars just to fit in the new home. For this reason, something had to be done to the new landscape to make it accommodate more vehicles.”

After brainstorming for a while, Kingsley and his family decided that the best thing to do would be to create a car shed just next to the house.

“The problem with constructing the car shed was that there were huge trees in every area that would best suit it,” said Kingsley. “While the family has always loved a landscape with trees, no one was willing to let the cars stay outside to save a few trees. The first thing everyone did was look for a team that would handle the tree removal procedure—the goal was to get rid of 3 trees standing in a section that the wife and the kids thought would best suit the car shed.”

After asking around, Kingsley reportedly ended up hiring Riverside Tree Service for the tree removal procedure. Out of the 20 homeowners that Kingsley talked to when looking for suggestions, 16 recommended the company.

“With 80% of the homeowners that the family spoke to recommending Riverside Tree Service,” said Kingsley, “it was easy to see that the company had offered its previous customers great results. For this reason, when hiring the company for the tree removal project which was supposed to be extra risky because of the tree’s proximity to the neighboring utilities, the family was sure the project would be completed safely.”

When Kingsley invited Riverside Tree Service to his home to perform a cost estimate, the homeowner expected a very high price for the procedure. He knew the company would be removing 3 trees, each over 100 feet tall. He expected to spend a minimum of $2000 on each tree. The homeowner was surprised when he received a much lower cost estimate.

“While the family was expecting a quotation with at least $6000 in it,” said Kingsley, “Riverside Tree Service sent a quotation with a total of $4,500. This meant that the family would end up saving $500 on each tree.”

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After calling Riverside Tree Service the next morning to inform its team of tree cutting professionals in Riverside that it had been hired for the tree removal procedure, Kingsley expected the company to spend a few days on project planning. The homeowner was surprised when the company showed up on the landscape that same day.

“Riverside Tree Service is one of those companies that do not want to waste time,” said Kingsley. “After calling at 8 am, the company’s tree removal team in Riverside was on the landscape at around 9 am. The company took about 2 hours on each tree. By the time 3 pm rolled in, the company had brought down the trees.”

The homeowner was impressed when he realized that the price quoted by Riverside Tree Service would cover stump removal and cleanup.

“By the time the company left the landscape,” said Kingsley, “the land was ready for the new car shed. The family plans to initiate the shed construction tomorrow. In the next 7 days, the family should have a ready car shed.”

Riverside Tree Service’s base of operation is located at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. The company, however, allows homeowners to order tree service procedures via +1 909-536-2412 and [email protected]

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