Introducing Vesica Moon, a women and family enterprise offering curated items to ease menstrual discomfort

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Introducing Vesica Moon, a women and family enterprise offering curated items to ease menstrual discomfort

Vesica Moon is a women and family owned enterprise that offers curated items designed to ease the discomfort women experience during menstruation.

Period pain, or dysmenorrhea, is a common experience for many during menstruation. Available statistics show menstrual pain was reported by 84.1% of women, with 43.1% reporting that pain occurred during every period, and 41% reporting that pain occurred during some periods. The pain that comes with a period is often felt in the form of menstrual cramps. Sometimes, the uterine contractions that cause cramps are not noticeable or only trigger mild pain or discomfort.

Based in Towson, MD, Vesica Moon is on a mission to make that time of month slightly less ridiculous and a lot more comforting. ”After years of satisfying our cravings during our menstrual cycle, we agreed that like our cycle, comfort should be scheduled. This is why we curated items to ease the pain and discomfort that is inevitable during menstruation”, said the founder of the enterprise.

The enterprise has its First Period Box: Menstrual Starter Kit designed for the beautiful young teenage girl who just became a woman. It’s a starter kit replete with what a girl needs for her first flow. It’s a sort of step-by-step guide which includes answers to some common period questions, Hershey’s chocolate bars, 2 tea packets, 1 mini-jar of honey with dipper and other incredible stuff.

The Vesica Moon Box: Menstrual Comfort, is the second Comfort Box from the enterprise available by subscription and one time purchase. The content of the box which includes 2 Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, 3 Pukka Tea Packets, 2 Instant Ginger Tea Packets and other delectables, offers satisfaction for menstrual cravings. ”Satisfy your Menstrual cravings with a Vesica Moon Box. A comfort box for every month is just what you need for that pesky time of the month”, said Dialita Francis, an executive of the company.

The third product from the company is the First Period Guide: A Menstruation Cycle Guide which was created with the young girl in mind and answers common period questions and tips on what to do. The guide covers questions on what is a period, what to expect when menstruating, and other common questions.

For subscribers, the Vesica Moon Box  automatically renews monthly. For recurring subscriptions, the enterprise accepts all major credit cards. Afterpay, PayPal & Gifts Cards are not eligible towards subscriptions.  

The First Period Box: Menstrual Starter Kit have attracted rave reviews from its subscribers. “Everything my niece needed! I think there is not enough of these types of content for young girls out there. My niece was not comfortable talking about her period because she just recently got hers for the first time. I got this booklet for her and now she can refer to it whenever she wants and its been a few weeks and it looks like she is more comfortable asking questions to her mother or myself now”, declared a satisfied client Regina Clay.

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