The Pecu Novus Blockchain Notice to Existing Pecu Digital Wallet Holders

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The Pecu Novus Blockchain Notice to Existing Pecu Digital Wallet Holders

The Pecu Novus Blockchain Notice to Existing Pecu Digital Wallet Holders
The Pecu Novus Blockchain Network issues an official notification to all Pecu Digital Wallet Holders

The Pecu Novus Blockchain Network is issuing an official notice to all Pecu Digital Wallet holders that created their wallet prior to March 15, 2022. The Pecu Novus Blockchain Network has been overhauled as of April 27, 2022, the result was the sharding of the entire network with Validator Nodes initiated to increase the scalability, security, speed, decentralization and growth of the entire network on an infinite basis. It has allowed for the minting of various NFTs, an enhanced escrow system, smart contract ability as well as the pathway to the metaverse.

Those PECU holders that created their Pecu Digital Wallet prior to March 15, 2022 must make sure that they have stored their private key and associated login credentials in a safe place. In the event that they have misplaced their login credentials then a process of verifying their identity will be optional if they intend to gain access to the network. This is unavoidable and a courtesy to Pecu holders in order to insure that they can gain access.

Decentralized networks such as Bitcoin have protocols in place whereas if a Bitcoin holder should lose their private key or wallet access that they may potentially lose the digital asset in general forever. Most decentralized networks work the same way, however the enhancements of the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network allowed for the one time verification process of an individual or company to assist them in potentially avoiding having this issue should they lose their private key or login credentials.

Pecu Members have to be vigilant and treat their private keys and login credentials just as they would treat any of their financial institution information. This is can only be done once for a Pecu Member who has misplaced their Pecu private or login credentials.

Please note that following this one time process that if they should lose their private key or login credentials again in the future there is little to be done to help them at that point.

The enhancements to the network have created a secure environment for Pecu Members, to protect their digital assets on the network.

On June 20, 2022 there will be information shared on the Pecu Novus information website at as well as on the Pecu Novus blog, the Pecu Novus Soapbox timeline and other social media networks such as twitter in order to give Pecu Members every opportunity to gain access to the network if they have lost their login credentials.

Please do not contact Pecu Novus or MegaHoot Technologies via email or other to resolve the lost login credentials issue, this is only being resolved through a verification process and any other communication will not be accepted.

For more information on the progress of the Pecu Novus Network and future innovations please go to

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