CouponXOO Personalizes in Digital User Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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CouponXOO Personalizes in Digital User Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Since 2022, CouponXOO has concentrated on developing and innovating their digital coupon platform to improve the personalization in user experience on the internet. In April 2022, CouponXOO partly succeeded in the personalization in user experience and this is a promising revolution for both digital users as well as brands and marketers on CouponXOO coupon platform.

So far CouponXOO has had many new changes and improvements on their platform as well as used a much more advanced algorithm. In other words, these transformations deliver the 1:1 personalization in the user experience on the coupon platform.

“According to CouponXOO, at least 69% of digital users says that many featured suggestions and coupons are usually not expected and mismatched with their interests.”

“2021 is the year we look back at the development of the CouponXOO coupon platform and shape our next steps in the coming years. Like many other coupon platforms, we’ve found a fact that we were encountering a big challenge. Nearly 69% of users felt frustrated by many irrelevant ads and coupons. This also meant that marketers’ advertising campaigns were not working effectively. This fact has urged us to transform and address this weakness point as soon as possible. Fortunately, personalizing in user experience is indeed a step in the right development orientation for CouponXOO.” Will Bright, the Strategy Director of CouponXOO shares the reasons for building personalization in user experience.

CouponXOO has made an effort to quantify the improvement see based on individuals’ search history, then the advanced algorithm will automatically offer users redeem coupons and special deals based on user interests, thereby maximizing benefits for each user. 

On their product page, CouponXOO will analyze their current users’ individual behavior and in turn, recommend the greatest coupon options along with detailed pricing and ratings for their considerations. For new users, CouponXOO will prioritize preferable and top-rated products with the latest deals and discount codes for their searches. 

Top Trending on CouponXOO also updates the latest trends, events, and thousands of coupon and promo codes every day. In addition to the application of AI and Machine Learning technology, CouponXOO also leverages the data system from their users and data from Google Analytics for researching user interests worldwide. Therefore, this coupon platform captures the intent of individuals and gets the right consumer insights. As a result, each user will no longer see a random trend, but everything they find will be relevant to each individual’s shopping habits at CouponXOO trending.

In addition, events, blog posts, tips, and categories are all featured built on individuals’ concerns on CouponXOO. It can be said that CouponXOO has been personalizing the digital user experience in a comprehensive way to maximize the benefits for each user and increase convenience when arriving at this coupon platform.

CouponXOO believes that the 1:1 personalization in user experience has several profound influences on digital consumers and their partners, specific brands, and marketers.

The personalization in user experience with AI and machine learning increases consumer satisfaction, which makes them feel like they’re always well-informed with the latest trends they’re interested in. What’s more, digital users will save more time updating news on a single platform. Promotional offers, discount codes, and navigation of brands and products that are accessible to potential users will enhance great shopping choices for individuals to compare and consider. 

The fundamental principle of working on user search data at CouponXOO is to respect the privacy of individual users. So, users can safely search for the best discount codes that are updated all the time like Tech deals, healthcare, fashion, and much more from global brands and stores worldwide.

The revolution of personalization in user experience at CouponXOO also indicates that their partners are achieving effective advertising and sales strategies as well as boosting impulse shopping for their products when retaining potential digital consumers thanks to the personalization on CouponXOO. From there, promotions and discount codes are effectively offered to the target customers and tailored to their needs.

According to the latest user experience survey on CouponXOO’s new platform, there are more than 87% of users feel no longer frustrated with the ads and suggestions when they visit here to find discount codes. Many also find it interesting when they can explore more fovorite brands or trending products that they’re concerned. In addition, eBay and Amazon, which are collaborating with CouponXOO also accredit a significant sales revenue growth of at least 23% in April 2022 from this coupon website. Currently, CouponXOO is aiming to expand its partner network with many reputable brands and stores worldwide to deliver users a variety of attractive options on the basis of the personalized 1:1 experience.

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