Belewe Pet: No more Seborrhea and Mite Problems with Antiseborrheic Shampoos

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Belewe Pet: No more Seborrhea and Mite Problems with Antiseborrheic Shampoos

Belewe Pet: No more Seborrhea and Mite Problems with Antiseborrheic Shampoos
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Get healthy, smooth skins and a beautiful coat for dogs. Belewe Pet launches a discount event for all dog shampoo items.

Belewe Pet, an Australian pet grooming store, has announced a discount event on safe dog shampoo and other pet grooming items. Belewe Pet offers 25% off for all items, including pet shampoos, deodorizer sprays, and grooming tools. In addition, pet owners can get a special 35% discount  on the purchase of a combo set (set of two or more products). A Belewe Pet store staff said, “Our discount event is for a limited time only. Don’t miss this opportunity. Go and take this offer before they are gone. Our online store is ready to serve customers 24/7. If you have questions, we are ready to answer. Our veterinarian will provide a free consultation for your pets’ problems.”

Belewe Pet has been paying attention to stray dogs and cats since 2001. They found that the most common problems in dogs and cats are skin diseases like eczema, folliculitis, seborrhea, rash, etc. Those common problems are also found in pets raised at home. As a result, many pet owners are looking for effective solutions to get rid of those problems. Belewe Pet strives to provide the ideal seborrhea dog shampoo that effectively eliminates dandruff, redskins, and itchy rashes. This shampoo does not cause skin irritation because the ingredients are made from aloe vera, natural coconut oil, witch hazel extract, tea tree extract, etc. Moreover, the silver ions content prevents dogs from Malassezia, a fungus in the oil secretion on the skin that causes seborrhea.

Besides preventing the dogs’ skin from seborrhea, other shampoo products such as mite shampoo for dogs prevent dogs from sarcoptic mites and kill their eggs. In addition, this shampoo can treat various dog skin conditions such as dry skin, rashes, and yeast infections. Before applying mite shampoo to dogs, pet owners can consult with their veterinarian about whether their dogs require mite shampoo for dogs or further actions to get rid of mite problems.

Pet owners in Australia seeking treatment for their dog’s skin and hair can visit the Belewe Pet Grooming store. They offer a wide range of pet grooming shampoo, deodorizers, and grooming tools. The company is dedicated to the health of pet skin and hair. In addition to a wide range of shampoo products for dogs and cats with long/short hair, the company also offers special discounts for all items and combo sets. Moreover, the company provides 100% subsidized shipping within the country for buyers from Australia.

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