Creative Biolabs: Improving Capabilities in Phage Display

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Creative Biolabs: Improving Capabilities in Phage Display

Creative Biolabs has improved the phage solution package to better serve clients working with antibody discovery.

New York, USA – May 25, 2022 – Phage display is among the most mature and widely applied technologies for research on protein-protein interactions. Its underlying mechanism lies in displaying proteins of interest, such as antibodies, peptides, and scaffolds on the surface of phages that will subsequently be gathered in millions or even billions to construct a library. Creative Biolabs is skillful at phage display techniques and offers first-rate display service worldwide.

“Phage display is classic and widely applied,” said a technician at Creative Biolabs, “and we are continually making efforts to dig more deeply into this area.”

After years of practical experience and innovative attempts, scientists at Creative Biolabs can construct various phage libraries, including antibody library, scaffold library, peptide library, and cDNA library, adopting mature phage display systems (M13, T4, or T7) to meet diverse customer targets. It’s worth mentioning that these constructed libraries can reach 10 to the 7th power to over 10 to the 12th power in capacity, with affinity as high as 10 to the negative 9th power.

“We have diverse phage library construction strategies,” said the technician.

* Antibody Library

The antibody phage library is constructed by displaying designated antibodies in either scFv or Fab format. Creative Biolabs can generate antibody libraries from immunized and naïve sources, as well as synthetic library construction.

* Scaffold Library

Creative Biolabs developed trimer codon mutant library construction technology that contributes to constructing scaffold library with 100% precise mutant and over 10 to the 10th power diversity.

* Peptide Library

Creative Biolabs can produce constrained structures with target-adapted cross-links for both naïve and semi-synthetic peptides to form the peptide library.

* cDNA Library

Optimized tactics at Creative Biolabs for complementary DNA construction conquer obstacles faced by generic phage display that results in a low concentration of target mRNA.

Another trick of Creative Biolabs is phage display library screening, obtaining high affinity and specificity antibodies from interested libraries.

“We can help customers sift the target antibody with affinity up to 10 to the negative 12th power from our proprietary libraries, customarily developed libraries, or libraries provided by our clients.”

It is worth mentioning that Creative Biolabs accepts purified targets, unpurified targets, intact cells, tissues, or other in vivo targets. Technicians will choose the most suitable screening strategies to achieve customers’ goals.

* Solid-phase screening for targets on a solid surface.

* Solution-sorting screening to isolate antibodies against naïve targets.

* Cell-based screening to select cell surface antigen.

* In vivo screening for tissue-specific antibody isolation.

* Ex vivo screening for targets in primary cell suspensions of organs and tissues.

It has been over a decade since Creative Biolabs initiated the phage display solutions, which has gained rich practical experience and is continually expanding its layout accordingly. Visit to learn more.


Creative Biolabs is a conscientious CRO offering first-level solutions for clients working in immunology, especially antibody and protein discovery and engineering. In June, a team of delegates from Creative Biolabs will exhibit at the BIO International Convention in Sandiego, showcasing their drug discovery capabilities and recent breakthroughs.

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