The Diet Of The Chic Sheihk Will Improve People’s Health

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The Diet Of The Chic Sheihk Will Improve People’s Health

Reporter Wasdsworth W. Watermill recently had the pleasure to meet up with John Probandt, aka the Chic Sheihk (a nickname he has been given for often wearing middle eastern attire). In reality, John is not a Sheihk and maybe not so chic.  The impressive part of this man is in the way he is helping the world regarding his passion in regards to creating wellness through proper eating habits.

The Diet Of The Chic Sheihk Will Improve People's Health

They caught up with John in Africa where he is currently visiting to promote his program, “The Better Forever Diet” aka “BFD”. He hopes to have one billion people eventually following this amazing way of eating. 

In 2016 John came up with a diet to change the way people look at meals. His diet, The Better Forever Diet “BFD” is not completely novel, but it is very effective in reducing the cases of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, cholesterol, and other such ailments. The BFD program completely alters the time “intervals” at which people eat their food.

The BFD program is simple to follow. However, it does require the learning of new habits, routines, and rituals “HRR”. It takes anywhere from one to six months to form a new habit and for it to truly become second nature and automatic.

The reason HRR is required is that this new way of eating is a radical change in the way and times that meals will be consumed. The only time a person will consume a large number of calories is at dinnertime.

The Diet Of The Chic Sheihk Will Improve People's Health

He preaches intermittent fasting with a pinch of portion control. The way it works is that each morning the person has for breakfast a powdered protein shake mixed with either water or Almond milk. Either whey or plant-based powdered protein are good options, as are both low in calories and high in protein.

At lunch it is the same exact meal every day. In the afternoon should the person become hungry, then they are advised to have a third shake. Protein is so important, as it helps the body in building new tissue. During the daytime hours, the person is consuming less than 150 calories. This means for almost a 20-hour period of time that only 150 calories are consumed.

Before and after each shake the person will enjoy a full glass of water. It is recommended that the person drinks at least eight glasses of water every day (the more water the better). Water is so important because it detoxes a person’s body and creates a feeling of being full. A common concern is that drinking so much water will cause many trips to the toilet. The truth is that while this may be true at first, in a week or so the body will adjust, and this will no longer be problematic.

The fun part of the BFD program is that at dinner a person will eat normally as if not on a diet at all. The diet removes the word cheating and instead is based on treating. At dinner, if the aim is weight loss, then portions are reduced to one quarter or one-half of what would normally be consumed. If the goal is not to weight loss, but instead only better health, more energy, clearer skin, and the avoidance of chronic diseases such as diabetes, then just eat dinner normally with no restrictions.

It is advised that 1000 calories are perfect for dinner. However, if occasionally the person wants a treat, having 3000 calories at dinner, while following the BFD diet, is okay so “just do it”. When it comes to alcohol, that is a personal choice, drinking is allowed on the BFD diet, but like all things, it should be in moderation.

One of the suggestions is to start each dinner with a dish of pureed fruit or vegetables.  This will give the body extra vitamins and fiber. Eating the pureed fruit or vegetables before enjoying dinner it will create a feeling of being full, and this translates to eating less.  John was quick to point out this is not juice, but puree and there is an enormous difference.

The way the BFD program suggests pureeing fruits and vegetables is unique.  The BFD way of pureeing keeps all the solid matter, including the seeds, skin and pulp. It is like you are eating the whole fruit and vegetable, but it is simply in a different form. These items that are thrown out in juicing, are the healthiest part of the fruit or vegetable.  With juicing most of the benefits have been removed in the process, but not with the BFD style of puree. 

The biggest problem with juicing is that it is highly concentrated in sugar. If a person is trying to lose weight or are in a pre-diabetic condition, this is bad. The fact is juice can contain more sugar than soda. The excessive amounts of sugar contained in juice have been associated with an increased risk of Type-2 diabetes and long-term weight gain. Because juice does not have fiber, as it has been removed in the juicing process, the body absorbs fructose sugar more easily. This can cause blood sugar levels to spike.

The BFD way of pureeing the fruits in vegetables is the winning formula. Think about it, all the ingredients of the original fruit or vegetable are retained, and it is easier to digest.  The fiber that is kept with the puree, unlike juicing will make a person feel full. As a comparison one orange juice is like eating five full oranges all at once (now that is a lot of sugar).

One of the leaders of the BFD program is Dr. Satya Prakash. Dr. Prakash is all about science and proving things scientifically. Dr. Prakash is a tenured professor at a top ten medical school “McGill University”.  Many people consider him the dean of probiotics. As a writer, Dr. Prakash has written over 350 articles on this subject which have been published in major medical journals around the world. Dr. Prakash like John hopes the world adapts the BFD way of eating meals. He knows the benefits of the diet, which include more energy, less illness, and a boost of the immune system. By following this diet there will be fewer cases of type two diabetes, clearer skin and this list go on and on.

On a final note and something that is particularly important is mental health. John says he has noticed that many people on the diet who previously suffered from depression are now happy. He reasons that it is because the dieter suddenly has a more pleasing appearance, experiences higher energy and just feels better in an overall way. His belief is that intermittent fasting, not three squares’ meals each day, is the way all humans should be eating in the first place.

There have been three books published on the BFD program by John and Dr. Prakash, with more coming in the future. 

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