Rising musician TVKU touching hearts with Deeply Emotional music inspired by real-life heartbreak

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Rising musician TVKU touching hearts with Deeply Emotional music inspired by real-life heartbreak

Crafted with care from real life incidents, TVKU’s music is capturing hearts all over.

Los Angeles, CA – May 24, 2022 – It’s said that music is the most powerful when it is inspired by real experiences. And this is why probably, emerging musician TVKU’s music is making big waves over YouTube and other music streaming platforms. The talented musician has recently released his latest music video “Incomplete”, a touching composition crafted after his real-life heartbreak, which has garnered a whopping 1.5k views and kudos on YouTube. 

“Incomplete” is both written and sung by TVKU.

A promising artist, TVKU is fast making a niche for himself through his heart-touching compositions. However, his own life story is full of struggles, agony, emotional trauma, and heartbreak. It’s these pathos and emotional baggage that he has been carrying along with him since his childhood to find expressions through his soulful lines  and music.  

In one of his recent interviews, TVKU shared about his disturbed childhood, caught between warring parents. He was merely 10 when his parents got divorced, leaving TVKU and his little brother in deep agony. In fact, it was the childhood sufferings that led TVKU to connect with music in a deeper way. 

“Initially I used to believe that it didn’t bother me (divorce of his parents) but as I grew older, I realized the trauma has turned me into an empty, hollow hearted person. My only solace was music – so, I rushed to music to fill up my emptiness”, said the artist while talking about his plunge into music. 

Over time, TVKU came across a beautiful woman and he immediately fell in love with her. Per his statements, he had always felt that she was the “one” and he was deeply in love with her. Little did he know, he was only on his way to a terrible heartbreak.

Speaking about his heartbreak, TVKU revealed that the worst part was not that the girl broke his heart but especially in the “horrific” way she did that. There was no prelude or hint of cheating beforehand; TVKU was deeply committed to his girlfriend and he had no inkling that  would have his heart broken in the most brutal manner possible.  

It happened one Thursday night- TVKU received a sudden call from his girlfriend at 10:22 p.m. Initially, he thought it was weird because she was already going to bed by that time. He thought it might be some kind of emergency and picked up the phone – it’s then that he realized that she had been cheating on him with some random other guy. 

The incident left him devastated and even drove him to hurt (emotionally) other women who came to his life. TVKU knew he was going downhill and that he had to buck up and change himself for the better. Once again, he realized music is his only solace and he put all his heart and soul into music. Thus, “Incomplete” came to life.

“I’m not perfect and I’m still trying to change. My music is inspired by my real life struggles and pathos- my compositions bring to life a roller coaster of emotions and you are guaranteed to relate to through my work. So, let’s turn up, Laugh, cry and grow together.” 

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