HyperNation announces to launch its decentralized financial ecosystem

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HyperNation announces to launch its decentralized financial ecosystem

HyperNation, a blockchain-based project, is all set to launch its platform, which decentralizes finance and solves the economic power controlled by the powerful centralized banks and financial institutions. 

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Decentralization in the modern-age financial world has recorded a significant surge in public interest and growth over the last few years. Its proponents argue that it casts the net wide to individuals and institutions who can access financial applications that perhaps could not before, furthermore, without the need for a trusted intermediary inside a permissionless ecosystem. 

HyperNation envisions a decentralized financial world that advocates justice, fairness, and openness while striving for the decentralization of finance and giving the control of economic power back from powerful centralized banks and financial institutions to general users i.e., the community. 

HyperNation will serve as a first-of-its-kind, decentralized, next-gen platform where the community manages the decisions related to the economy of the ecosystem. It strives to address the unfairness in the current financial landscape, which is controlled by centralized banks or governments, which have often led the communities down in the form of economic turmoil and recessions. Be it the great recession of 1932, the 2008 financial crisis, or the current crisis we face after Covid-19, all of them are caused by poor policies, mishandling, and manipulation by these centralized financial bodies. Consequently, it is the common man who has to suffer.  

HyperNation works to create a democratized economic system where the distribution of financial resources is fair, democratic, and decentralized. It strives for fairness and justice based on a systematic financial approach that is open and inclusive for all and offers complete transparency. HyperNation aims to break the rules of the world that a few powers rule; thus, it uses the concept of economic consensus to reinvent new regulations so that those who give more will get what they deserve. HyperNation will be an equal, fair, and transparent platform that can solve the pain points of today’s society for you. 

To become a member of the exclusive HyperNation community, the platform will be offering its native token for sale, details of which will be available on the website. Check out the website and keep following the official HyperNation channels to know more!

Important Links:

Website: https://www.hypernation.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperNation8

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rZqkcAtsFm

Medium: https://medium.com/@hypernation_official

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAIEH5KaRowB27O9gQCFdA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hypernation_official/

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