Mark & Day Brings a New Taste and Definition to Washable Rugs

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Mark & Day Brings a New Taste and Definition to Washable Rugs

If people care about hygiene but don’t have much time for area rug cleaning, a machine washable rug is just for them. The ideal rug may be tough to find, but at least it should be easy to maintain. 

Mark & Day’s washable rugs are certainly the convenient way to stylish home décor. They hold no harm for children and pets, they are easy to clean and do not shed. No one will have any difficulties while vacuuming these washable rugs because they are produced as lint-free and low-pile. They are anti allergic too. These washable area rugs are shipped from Atlanta, Georgia and want to hear the best part? They offer free shipping on all orders within contiguous USA!

Most rugs are very heavy and made of certain materials that need to be cleaned with carpet cleaners or by a professional cleaning service to avoid color bleeding and increase the rug’s lifespan. In contrast, washable rugs are more lightweight. Whenever wanted, any of Mark & Day’s washable rugs can be picked up, tossed right into the washing machine and put in the drier or hung out to dry. Since everyone is concerned about germs, it will be unbelievable to see how convenient and easy it is to clean these rugs! 

Many washable rugs are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, which causes them to be more resistant to washing machines and less eco-friendly. On the other hand, washable rugs made of natural materials such as cotton or wool are more eco-friendly though more expensive. Mark & Day offers a vast collection of one piece designed, premium quality washable area rugs in an assortment of colors, sizes, and shapes constructed with both polyester, and eco-friendly natural fibers such as cotton and jute so that people can choose a more resistant rug or an eco-friendlier one as they wish.

Mark & Day offers a wide range of washable rugs in various colors, sizes and shapes constructed with both polyester, and eco-friendly natural fibers such as cotton and jute so that you can choose a more resistant rug or an eco-friendlier one as you wish

Mark & Day’s washable rugs are indeed a practical addition to any high-traffic area in homes. If the washable rug will be used in a high-traffic location that requires frequent washing, it will be better to choose a pale pastel-toned rug or a patterned rug with a distressed design that will not draw attention to extra fading or wear. Brightly colored washable rugs are more difficult to keep clean, but they can be washed in cold water and air dried as needed.

A group of children sitting on a Mark & Day washable area rug in front of a fireplace

These rugs are fashionable, long-lasting, and can be washed whenever they show signs of wear or soiling. Because of this convenience, machine washable rugs are ideal for many households. As a conclusion, cleaning the living room rug will not add to your worries anymore, whether you have a hectic work schedule or a tense family life, you can sit back and enjoy your home’s luxury with minimum effort and time spent for cleaning. 

Mark & Day offers a wide spectrum of styles and aesthetics, with an incredible selection of colors, designs, materials, and sizes to suit every budget, taste, and need. In addition to this, you’ll be astounded by the thousands of options they have, ranging from machine woven to hand-knotted rugs, classic to modern, and living room rugs to outdoor rugs. Moreover, they have a wide range of home décor product categories besides their huge rug design collections.

Nevertheless, if there is doubt or wonder what would happen if the washable rug purchased from Mark & Day does not fit, there is no problem since they offer a 60 day return policy for a refund with no hassle or further inconvenience.

The washable rugs offered by Mark & Day are not only designed to last a long and healthy life but are also affordable and easy to maintain. Using a washable rug is a wonderful way to lighten load of tasks at home while saving pennies on the side. It is never easy to find high-end home decoration elements for decent prices and with hundreds of alternatives to choose from. Traditional or modern, whichever style is chosen to design a home, Mark & Day has it handled. Using their products brings a breath of fresh air with a single yet impactful touch to any home. Easy to use and easy to clean washable rugs also allow to carry that relaxation and stress-free mindset into the home.

People can enjoy their homes’ luxury and comfort with minimal cleaning effort using Mark & Day’s washable rugs regardless of how hectic their work schedule is or how tense their family life is. Let Mark & Day become the foundation of space to make the dreams the realities in the home; there will be no regret!

As Interior Decorator Lee Radziwill very well put: “I always begin a room with the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space.” 

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