Architectural Designer HUANG Dong: Empowering Architectural Design with Science and Technology to Promote the Innovation and Development of the Industry

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Architectural Designer HUANG Dong: Empowering Architectural Design with Science and Technology to Promote the Innovation and Development of the Industry

(Reporter: JUDY)

With the development of the world’s national economy and the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive national strength of all countries, the construction industry, as the foundation of national development and construction and human and social development, also continues to develop and innovate. How to realize the intelligent development and scientific and technological transformation of the construction industry has gradually become a hot topic discussed by people in the industry. Today, with the continuous development of the construction industry, a group of scientific research experts, scholars and workers in architectural design and other related fields represented by Mr. HUANG Dong, have combined with the current national conditions of various countries and the development status of the construction industry, integrated the new generation of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other advanced technologies, and then developed many architectural scientific and technological achievements, continuously promoting the healthy development of the industry, social development, and improving people’s living standards.

Throughout the history of the development of the world’s construction industry, it can be said that countless brilliant achievements has been made. Nowadays, with the vigorous development of the construction industry, many problems also emerge, such as shortage of basic labor force, increasing labor costs and only one engineering construction standard. There are still great deficiencies in green sustainable development, the rise of construction raw materials, the sharp increase of construction costs and so on. In such an environment, a group of architectural design experts, aiming at solving these problems, continue to devote themselves to exploring design schemes that make the development of the construction industry more stable and improve the quality of life of people all over the world. Among them, a very few intelligent R & D experts employ advanced achievements to help countries around the world improve the design level of smart buildings, and Mr. HUANG Dong is one of the most outstanding.

It is inevitable that Mr. HUANG Dong can devote himself to architectural design and scientific research. His professional learning experience in architecture, years of rich experience in architectural design and his love and exploration spirit for architectural design make him closely linked with the architectural design industry. After years of hard research, Mr. HUANG Dong has developed a series of advanced technical achievements, which has greatly promoted the sustainable development of the architectural design industry. Among them, “Intelligent Building Design And Analysis System Based On Internet of Things Architecture V 1.0” is one of his more representative scientific research achievements.

The innovation of this technology lies in that it has changed the traditional architectural design method, integrated the modern and advanced Internet of things architecture technology, and reduced the multifaceted pressure faced by architectural design. The advantages of this technology are very prominent. Firstly, the massive data storage enables more convenient the design process without multi-party screening data, which can effectively improve the design efficiency; Secondly, it can integrate the resources of all parties in real time, standardize the systematic operation of building energy conservation management, strengthen the awareness of energy conservation, realize the intellectualization and informatization of building energy conservation management according to the digital processing method in the construction project management, and effectively reduce the design cost and estimated construction cost in the future. In addition, the technology can also use intelligent algorithms to optimize the virtual experience of residents and managers in the design process, so as to improve the quality of designed buildings. Since its research and development, the system has not only been applied in many projects of the company, which Mr. HUANG Dong has been employed, but also widely promoted and applied in other peer enterprises. It has been favored by many builders and construction engineering designers. The construction projects it has served are all over hundreds of large, medium and small cities around the world, helping application enterprises improve the efficiency of architectural design by nearly 40%, and playing a very high industry value and social value.

However, even with such high achievements, Mr. HUANG Dong was not proud, let alone stayed in his comfort zone. In Mr. HUANG Dong’s view, his hardships are for the brilliant future of architectural design and even the whole construction industry. Therefore, no matter what difficulties he encountered on the road of scientific research, he never gave up. He will always rely on this belief to help promote the intelligent development of the industry with his own strength, walk on the road of deep integration of the construction industry and cutting-edge information technology, and continue to upgrade the intelligent field of architectural design. Mr. HUANG Dong always adheres to the scientific research goal of “enabling architectural design with science and technology and promoting the innovative development of the industry”, and continues to investigate, develop and realize this goal. It is believed that in the near future, the architectural design field in the whole Asia Pacific region will break through the existing barriers and realize new intelligent development under the leadership of a cutting-edge scientific research expert such as Mr. HUANG Dong!

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