Best Selection of Unheated Blue Sapphire Stones at Possesses Brilliant Clarity and at Affordable Prices

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Best Selection of Unheated Blue Sapphire Stones at Possesses Brilliant Clarity and at Affordable Prices is among the premier online sellers of gems, including sapphires, Indicolites, spinels, tourmalines, and many others. Its expert craftsmen enhance the appeal and beauty of each stone for maximum effect. The unheated blue sapphires available at this seller are of excellent quality and are sold directly to the user.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail S., the unheated blue sapphire stones available with this online wholesaler and retailer are in shades, shapes, sizes, and rates to suit all tastes. has the best selection of unheated blue sapphire online. These are prized and rare variants of sapphires valued for their natural beauty compared to heated and treated blue sapphires. 

Increasingly, blue sapphire is becoming the choice of stone for engagement rings. After rubies and emeralds, sapphires are the most valued among gemstones. stocks blue sapphires with excellent saturation; saturation is a prized property with blue sapphires. Sapphires carry inclusions. The site has blue sapphires with inclusions that are invisible or almost invisible to the naked eye. These are natural sapphires sourced from the leading sapphire-producing countries of the world.

Expert lapidarists at Star Lanka cut each blue sapphire to ensure maximum sparkle and glint. The stones are cut and polished to create a beautifully faceted look keeping in mind symmetry, windowing, extinction, and brilliance. The carat or weight of sapphires influences its price. Heavier blue sapphires are rarer than yellow sapphires and are therefore costlier.

Sapphires are the second hardest of all the naturally occurring gemstones. Its Moh’s hardness rating is 9.0. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance. Sapphire does not have any cleavage planes and is amenable to different shapes and facets. The stone is easy to care for. Oil-treated sapphires should be treated with ultrasonic systems. Blue sapphires can easily be cleaned at home with warm water and soap.

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Suhail S. of said, “ is an ancient source that still produces exceptional sapphires of all colors. Most blue Ceylon sapphires originate from the country.

Stones from Kashmir set the standard for the evaluation of blue sapphires. Verified historic Kashmir stones can sell for high prices. They possess a velvety texture and colors ranging towards purplish-blue, combined with a strong to vivid saturation and medium-dark tones. 

Sapphires from Australia tend to be darker in color, although some rare and fine examples come from the country. They have also found particolored stones, usually yellow and green or yellow and blue.

The country formerly known as Burma produces some of the highest quality gemstones, especially sapphires; violet-blue in color, highly saturated, and medium to medium-dark tones. Our vast experience in gemstone dealing worldwide and realistic valuation competence have raised us above other dealers in the niche. Our integrity and sincerity in everyday dealing stand testimony to our credentials.

Our in-house expert, lapidary, has access to state-of-the-art equipment, which allows for the best possible results. If you’re the results aren’t up to your standards, don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution.”

About the Company:

Founded in 1985, Star Lanka has grown to become a leading manufacturer and seller of quality gemstones. These are created from precious stones sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Through, buyers have an opportunity to purchase the best quality rubies, garnets, Tanzanites, and other stones are a relatively lower cost.

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