Peak Finance Partners with CryptoCarts and NFT Apparel Pty Limited

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Peak Finance Partners with CryptoCarts and NFT Apparel Pty Limited

Peak Finance Partners with CryptoCarts and NFT Apparel Pty Limited

A month and a half after their launch, Peak Finance has taken the Metis Andromeda L2 by storm.

Peak Finance launched on the first of April as an algorithmically pegged token on the Metis Andromeda ecosystem with the goal of creating a monetary layer on Andromeda. Since then, the project has consistently continued to scale and add value to their Token through new developments and Partnerships and has recently added two new names to the roster.

The PEAK token is now available on Crypto Carts marketplace, where users can purchase “real world” gift cards to spend on anything from groceries to a holiday. The partnership is the first on the Metis Andromeda Ecosystem of its kind and marks another huge milestone for the Peak team as they establish themselves as a key ecosystem on Metis.

Another massive achievement for this month came when the Peak team announced they would be partnering with NFT Apparel Pty Limited. NFT Apparel is a startup based out of Australia which is launching a multi-chain NFT Marketplace in May with physical merchandising capabilities for NFT holders and Artists built-in. The PEAK token will be a spendable currency in the NFT Marketplace, allowing users to purchase and sell their NFTs with Peak. There is also work underway to enable the purchase of apparel from the NFT Apparel marketplace.

The CEO of NFT Apparel, Ben Guihot, commented on the recent partnership announcement,

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Peak Finance as we launch our NFT Marketplace. I have seen the incredible community that Peak has built from the ground up and know that they have plans to keep building for years to come. We can’t wait to see Peak as a currency on NFTA when we launch.”

Builds and Partnerships are not the only keys to Peak Finances’ success over the last month. In the short period since launching, Peak Finance has established itself as one of the largest, friendliest, and most transparent communities not just on Andromeda but in the De-Fi space.

The “Peakoooors”, as they affectionately call themselves, are a large community from all over the world who have come together on this project and stuck around for the consistently positive vides. The Team behind Peak is always involved in the conversation, whether in-depth Macro Economic talks or jokes and casual conversation.

Tristan Hazelwood, the Leader, Co-founder, and Brain at Peak Finance, has a background in Crypto Education and has been an integral part of the community.

“People see Peak as a safe space in all the turmoil. No matter how the Markets look, our whole team, from Mods to Developers and Co-Founders, are always in the community chats, providing education materials, updates on builds or even just having a laugh.”

The next few months will be exciting for Peak Finance as they integrate these new Partnerships and establish a strong foothold on Metis Andromeda and in De-Fi as a Token with true use cases.

You can learn more about how Peak finance works on their YouTube channel.

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