Jason Ramos Overcomes a Series of Obstacles To Become The Top Tattoo Artist In Colombia

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Jason Ramos Overcomes a Series of Obstacles To Become The Top Tattoo Artist In Colombia

Jason Ramos Overcomes a Series of Obstacles To Become The Top Tattoo Artist In Colombia
Jason Ramos works hard to overcome hardships and emerge as one of the best-known tattoo artists in Columbia.

Jason Ramos overcomes a tough childhood, emotional trauma, and poverty to become a successful tattoo artist in Colombia. He is a graduate in marketing but found his passion as a tattoo artist. Today, he is one of the top-rated tattoo artists in Colombia, with more than 600,000 followers on his social networks. He is the founder and owner of Rich Kids Tattoos Art gallery, a professional tattoo studio located in Hollywood, FL.  

I was born in a peasant family in Villavicencio, a town in eastern Colombia, lost my father to Columbian violence in the 90s when I was just six, and suffered immense hardships during my early life, says Jason while reflecting on his childhood days. We survived by selling cotton candy and posters on the streets. I was forced to stay away from my mother when I was just 10.”

After staying with his relatives for a few years, he returned to live with his mother, helping her take care of his siblings, working on construction sites, selling empanadas, and planning how to get away from this neighborhood where violence and drugs were an everyday affair.

Jason was introduced to skateboarding at 13, which changed his life forever. He met people who loved life, music, and art and steered clear of drugs and violence. He experienced a whole new culture. Jason started playing music and was part of many groups. Soon he discovered the magical world of tattoos.

However, tragedy struck again as his best friend and sports mentor was murdered in broad daylight in his home. Sports and music took a halt in his life.

This was another turning point. He was sponsored by a woman who cared for youths from financially distressed families. Jason soon became a marketing professional, but his passion for tattoos never left him. He decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. He started as an apprentice in a small shop, changed track to move to Bogota, and later traveled to the US to give shape to his big dreams.

He started from scratch yet again, suffered every possible hardship and inconvenience but remained focused on his goals. 

Jason started tasting success in the USA. His artistry was getting noticed. He earned more than 12 first-place finishes in competitions in the United States.

The story of Jason Ramos shows how anyone with a passion for anything and the will to succeed can overcome any obstacles that life presents and achieve their dreams.

At present, Jason is an artist and entrepreneur. He also runs his show called “Daily Ink” on YouTube. Here, apart from teaching tattooing, Jason keeps motivating new generations to follow their dreams. He provides people an insight into the daily life of several tattoo artists and their shops. 

For more information, visit: https://www.jasonramostattoos.com/ 

About Jason Ramos:

Jason Ramos is a marketing professional turned musician turned tattoo artist. He is one of the top tattoo artists in Colombia and owns the Rich Kids Tattoos Art Gallery, a professional tattoo studio in Hollywood, FL. He also runs a YouTube show called ‘Daily Ink’ where he teaches tattooing and motivates people.

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