Author Steven Bissett Shares Spine-Tingling Dystopian Tale to Sci-Fi Thriller Enthusiasts Everywhere

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Author Steven Bissett Shares Spine-Tingling Dystopian Tale to Sci-Fi Thriller Enthusiasts Everywhere

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic earth where a mysterious plague has mutated nearly all of humanity into flesh-craving monsters.

Author Steven Bissett announces the nationwide release of his latest exciting and thrilling novel, “The Siege of Sanctum: Survival’s Steep Price.

The book introduces readers to Jack Wulf, a tough, independent technology scavenger who is struggling to make a living in the fortress city of Sanctum, the last human city to survive the outbreak. Between price-gouging dealers and an autocratic city council, Jack’s fighting a losing battle to stay off the streets. And when you live in Sanctum, that’s a matter of life and death.

The city is run by a council of directors that oversees all aspects of day-to-day life, and ruthlessly crushes anyone who steps out of line. All production and development are strictly controlled under “Emergency” rules, and a single show of “disloyalty” is enough to earn a one-way ticket to the Security Department.

Operating in the shadows of this council is a potent underworld of smugglers, outlaws, and contract killers that will do anything if the price is high enough. But of course, they’re always willing to prey on someone who won’t be missed.

Despite the danger and hardships, there is safety behind the fortress walls of Sanctum. It’s the only city that hasn’t been breached and had its people devoured by the ravening mutants that scour the countryside craving human flesh. Only the very brave, or very desperate, leave the city, and almost nobody returns.

Jack is both brave and desperate and has so far defied the odds. Returning again and again with scavenged technology, he knows sooner or later his number will come up. But he would prefer to face the dangers outside the walls, and away from the dystopian government intent on crushing dissent in the name of safety.

One solid payday is all he needs. That will allow him to settle his debts and get some breathing room. But to get to that payday, he’s going to have to survive the mutant ambush that has him surrounded!

Will Jack make his payday, or is this the end of the line? Find out in The Siege of Sanctum: Survival’s Steep Price!

About Steven Bissett

Author Steven Bissett has been writing stories for over 14 years. An eclectic author, he excels at seamlessly blending genres together to produce unique stories. With compelling characters, dynamic plots, and a crisp, candid style that holds nothing back, Bissett continues to delight readers of every age.

More information can be found at and on Amazon.

Steven Bissett has written a number of novels, three of which are available on Amazon: “Owen’s Gold,” “The Ferguson Gang” and “The Siege of Sanctum: Survival’s Steep Price.

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