7LuX Announces Their First NFT Project To Be the Next Future of NFTs

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7LuX Announces Their First NFT Project To Be the Next Future of NFTs

7LuX is to launch 20,000 NFTs in the second quarter of 2022 on the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

The upcoming NFT project called “7LuX” reveals its official announcement to launch a total of 20,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) running on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721) in the second quarter of 2022 on OpenSea. Each has a set price of 1 ETH.

The inspiration behind the name “7LuX” comes from the 7 continents of the world and the lucky number 7. TeamLuX shares that they determine for the 7LuX project to deconstruct the meaning of luxury by redefining it with their concept, “New LuXury.” Besides, they also create their unique terms for calling each NFT as “LuX,” a holder as “LuXer,” and many more captivating ones used in their main community platforms like Discord, Twitter, etc.

The process of creating 7LuX NFTs 

TeamLuX generates 7LuX NFTs 100 times to create the 20,000 LuX, including the special “one of one edition” in the amount of 50. They say, “There is no possibility that our LuX will be duplicated.”

J. Tomy, 7LuX’s Art & Concept Designer says that “We have combined environmental concept art & design, general & landscape illustrations, painterly brushstrokes, and 3D painting altogether into hand-drawing more than 1,600 individual traits for the collection.” With all these methods, the 7LuX collection seems to be another project that is worth looking forward to.

Core Values of 7LuX

The vision of RD. Tony, the CEO of 7LuX is not to intrigue people’s perception about luxury only, but he set goals to provide real-life utility for every holder’s experience.

He says, “TeamLuX has a Creator Team, Project Development Team, Legal Team, and Marketing Strategy Team. We have put time and effort into setting purposes to deliver special benefits and privileges to our LuXer. Whether it’s giveaways, various collaborations we’re working on, or new upcoming projects. We do all of these to guarantee that LuXer has made the right decision choosing 7LuX.”

In addition, TeamLuX intends to build a strong community in both the digital and real world. They highly value the fast connections the digital world allows as well as the importance of human interactions. Thus, 7LuX’s upcoming activities and events are mapped out based on the purpose of bonding both worlds together and sustaining them.

The future of the NFT world

When RD. Tony and PS. Narumi, the Co-Founder of 7LuX was asked about what they think of the future of the NFT world in general, PS. Narumi first expresses her amazement in nowadays’ new technologies and innovations that humans have created.

She says, “If I was told 20 years ago that we’d be able to exhibit or sell artworks, collectibles, music, and more on something called ‘Blockchain’, I’d probably make a face at him in disbelief. But look at where we are now, look at how things have changed. Honestly, I can’t hide my excitement about what more is to come in the digital future.” 

Then, RD. Tony simply shares that “No one knows what NFTs’ future beholds, but I believe it has promising growth ahead of it. I am certain that greater things are to come as much as I’m confident in the 7LuX collection’s potential.”

The NFT world is always changing and full of possibilities, which is why it is a challenge to keep updated. There is not only TeamLuX who is in the NFT industry but many others around the world are also working hand in hand in writing the meaningful future of NFT right now. 

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