PE Gas Pipe is connected by Butt Fusion Macine –1

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PE Gas Pipe is connected by Butt Fusion Macine –1

A. PE pipe connection ways mainly include: 1. Hot melt butt 2, Electric fusion connection 3, Steel – plastic transition joint connection or flange connection and other methods.

Note: 1. Connection of polyethylene gas pipe and fittings with diameter ≥90mm can be made by hot fusion butt or electric fusion connection: 2. Polyethylene gas pipe and fittings with diameter < 90mm should be connected by electric fusion: 3. Steel plastic transition joints or flanges should be used to connect pipes and pipe accessories made of metal and other materials.

B. Hot Melt Butt Fusion

1. When using this method, hot melt butt welder is adopted. The main operation steps are as follows


(1) After debugging of butt welding machine, place the pipe to be connected on the welding machine fixture and clamp tightly;

(2) Clean the end to be connected of the pipe and use a planer to mill the connecting end face to align the two butt pieces, so that the dislocation is not greater than 10% of the wall thickness of the pipe:

(3) After the temperature of the heating plate reaches the set temperature, put it into the heating plate for heating:

(4) After heating, take out the heating plate, quickly start the pressure joint of the oil pump and the heating surfaces of the two pipes, and boost the pressure to the pressure preserving cooling of the welding pressure:

(5) After cooling to the specified time, open the fixture and remove the pipe from the rack, observe the crimping to determine the connection quality, and the connection is complete.

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