How Many Industrial Air Coolers Need To Be Installed In A 3,000-Square-Meter Factory Workshop?

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How Many Industrial Air Coolers Need To Be Installed In A 3,000-Square-Meter Factory Workshop?

For 3,000-square-meter factory, if cool the workshop environment is to be in a comfortable state, at least how many industrial air cooler should be installed to achieve the desired effect?

In fact, the most important factor affecting the number of installed evaporative air cooler is the area and volume of the workshop that needs to be cooled. The industrial air cooler relies on the principle of positive pressure cooling to reduce the ambient temperature of the workshop. The positive pressure must ensure that there is enough ventilation to replace the hot air in the workshop.


The standard document is used as a technical reference. The ventilation rate of ordinary workshops shall not be less than 25 times/h, and the ventilation rate of particularly high temperature and sultry workshops, such as steel structure workshops, shall not be less than 45 times/h. The total amount of cool air supply can quickly replace the high-temperature and sultry air in the workshop.

For the 3,000-square-meter workshop mentioned above, if the average height of the workshop is 3.5 meters and the air exchange rate is 25 times/h, its volume It is 3000m2*3.5m=10500m3. Assuming that the selected machine model is XIKOO XK-18S with an air volume of 18000m3/h, then through preliminary calculation, The number of industrial air cooler that need to be installed is about 15 units, then someone will ask how you got this data! Here is a formula for calculating the air exchange rate that can be applied. The number of installed environmental air conditioners = the number of air changes * space volume ÷ the air volume of a single environmental air conditioner. By applying this calculation formula, we can clearly obtain number of air coolers of the a workshop of 3000 square meters to be installed is 25 times/h*10500m3÷18000m3/h≈15 units.


Of course, this is only a theoretical number of installed units. Each workshop is different due to heating machine, number of workers, temperature requirement and other aspects. Welcome to contact XIKOO for your own cooling scheme.


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