Daily Mantra for Entrepreneurs Starts with CEO ABCs

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Daily Mantra for Entrepreneurs Starts with CEO ABCs

Daily Mantra for Entrepreneurs Starts with CEO ABCs
(by Debbie Page)

Opportunity is here! You might not see it, but you will find it. Put on your glasses, get out your sieve and start panning for the gold.

Welcome to the evolving world of female entrepreneurs. Evolving because more women are starting businesses than ever before in the history of the world. And how fun is that? Every time I meet a female entrepreneur, my heart leaps for joy.

You can do anything you put your mind to. Yes, it takes grit, determination and pluck, but Bob Proctor told us, “if you can think it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

Wake up and let your heart expand with dreams that excite, enthuse and energize you. Have you ever met a successful person who doesn’t exude energy and enthusiasm about what they’re doing?

Learning the CEO ABCs

Think big, NO, think bigger. Think your biggest thoughts ever, let your heart expand with wild possibilities, and know your CEO ABCs.

Content is the Golden King

Engagement is the Effervescent Empress

Opportunites Are Knocking©.

So, as CEO:








High Fives

Investing harder in yourself than in your business

Learn to be effective daily. What is the one thing that will make a significant impact on your business if you do it today? I kept myself in the comfort zone of efficiency and tasks for many years. “I got that one done. Check that off.” Now, I am continually learning to eliminate or delegate almost every one of those items. Troy Broussard teaches that being effective as the leader of your company is much more important than being efficient. Hire out efficiency so you can create content daily and engage your tribe. You must continually create content, campaigns, challenges, product lines, and possibilities that engage your audience and create raving fans.

Be creative, be your unique self. As you create content, let your personality sing and dance.

“Find your rhythm–it is uniquely yours. You are writing your song, composing your  symphony, and choreographing your dance. Celebrate, share, and enjoy.©– Page

Use Your Vibe to Attract Your Tribe

You will attract some and repel others—and that’s precisely what you want to do! Life is as fun and exciting as you make it; it’s your moment. See it with your mind, seize it with your heart and watch the momentum grow as the opportunities abound. You can create and grow a business and have fun simultaneously.

Work on your vision for your company, put it to a familiar tune, and march around singing it every morning. And sing your CEO ABCs. I say out loud, “I AM a 4 million dollar company.”

Create the life you desire by becoming the woman you love©

About Debbie Page

Debra Page studied and worked as a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant until she became widowed and inherited her husband’s 129-year-old Wire Mesh Fencing Company Louis E. Page, which had been exclusively run by the patriarchs in her family’s legacy and then landed in her hands.

Page not only embarked on a powerful journey of self-exploration and strength, but also untapped the keys to success. From driving the company toward unprecedented revenue growth by 45%, Page did not stop there. Her emotional journey and triumph propelled a personal mission to guide women and mothers, much like herself, to unleash their greatest potential by launching ‘The Inspired Mom Global Summit,’ becoming the Founder and President of Woman Emerged,’ Creator of the ‘High Five I Am Program,’ and so much more.

“Find your rhythm–it is uniquely yours. You are writing your song, composing your symphony, and choreographing your dance. Celebrate, share, and enjoy.” – Page

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“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

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