A Loving, Caring and Strong Mother Urgently Needs a Kidney Donor to Survive

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A Loving, Caring and Strong Mother Urgently Needs a Kidney Donor to Survive

Nanette Zumwalt a bundle of courage and motivation as she fights her kidney disease. She needs a kidney donor to stay alive.

United States – Nanette Zumwalt is the epitome of courage as she continues to fight her kidney disease for a chance to survive. However, her long lone struggle has come to a stage where if she does not find a donor soon, kidney disease will take her life.

Nanette is a dynamic and gentle personality who plays multiple roles with ease. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and aunt. Despite the setbacks in her life, this inspiring lady loves to live her life to the fullest. She has always been full of energy with a positive attitude.

“I see myself as a warrior and fighter who will do anything possible for those in my life. No matter my fight, my commitment, or my belief that I can, I haven’t been able to create or see a path through my kidney disease without asking you to help me,” recalls Nanette. “For something so essential asking should be easy, but it is more difficult than I ever imagined. It’s a big ask, so here I am, on my knees, refusing to accept the inevitable, and asking for you to join my fight, to stand with me, and help create my solution by donating one of your kidneys so that I may go on living. For those who would donate their kidney, especially to me, your bravery and heart are immeasurable and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Nanette has been married to her high school sweetheart, Rick Zumwalt, for over 31 years. They have four kids and five grandchildren. Both Nanette and Rick are fondly in love with each other and are trying their best to fight their fate. Rick wanted to donate his kidney to Nanette but was recently ruled out for not meeting filtration standards.

“If you know Nanette, you know she is not one to put her needs first. So, this story is very difficult for her, but she realizes she doesn’t have a choice.  We all realize the urgency of this situation,” says Rick.

Nanette has been battling Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) which is a genetic irreversible progressive disease that deteriorates her kidney and other organ functions, eventually leading to renal failure. Although research is active for this disease, today there is no cure and the only long-term treatment is a kidney transplant. So, a Kidney transplant is the only chance Nanette has to continue living.

Nanette has dedicated her life to helping others. She has also mentored many women business owners and marketers, provided a new curriculum for personal recovery assistants, and sits on the NATAP board.

Nanette wants to get over her disease and start a normal life, so she can continue to help others in her community. But for now, she needs someone to answer her call.  She is at the end stage of kidney disease, but fortunately, she has been qualified to receive a kidney transplant. Time is of the essence.

Kidney donation is a completely safe process and does not affect the health or life expectancy of the donor. A kidney donor will live a normal healthy and functional life after a successful donor procedure.

To help Nanette or for more information on the next step, reach out to UCLA’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant team. You can do this by either sending an email to [email protected] or by phone at 866-672-5333 (toll-free) or visit https://www.uclakidneydonor.org/

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