KLEPTO – The Astonishing Garage Rock Revival Movement Duo Group

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KLEPTO – The Astonishing Garage Rock Revival Movement Duo Group

SJM (vocals, guitar) and BNKN (bass) are a Tokyo-based indie rock combo. They were founded in 2019. Percussion and bass are incorporated. The garage rock revival movement holds a special place in their hearts.

On June 27th, 2020, the long-awaited debut EP “PLANET” was released to the public.

In May 2021, they began a four-month run of single releases with the release of their third EP, “A DAY IN THE SUMMER.” “VIVA LA MY LIFE,” their most recent song, was released on December 25, 2021, and debuted at number twenty on the Japanese radio station “J-WAVE TOKIO HOT 100.” The majority of their songs can be found on Spotify’s official “Edge!” playlist, which features the most popular Japanese artists. Their song was chosen as one of the top choices for the “Edge! Presents Best J-Indie Hits of 2021” album! member Both BNKN and SJM contribute vocals and guitars to the mix (bass, drum)

They have a high regard for the garage rock revival movement. Their newest works: The Newest / let me down also still stay on the same tracks.

New Music – The Newest / Let Me Down

KLEPTO is a Tokyo-based indie rock band founded in 2011 by SJM on vocals and guitar and BNKN on bass and drums. Despite their claim to be influenced by garage rock, the band’s sound is rather distinct.

Despite the band’s frenzied pace, The Newest’s sound is more indie pop than garage rock. While it has an indie-pop vibe, it also has a contemporary, distinctive sound that sets it apart.

KLEPTO infuses “Let Me Down” with an American college rock sensibility on this album. The Strokes or AFI are not treated with respect in this instance. Rather than that, it’s a vibrant and energizing color palette. This song, in addition to having a guitar riff that is reminiscent of garage rock, also has a melancholy melody that is nice to listen to and is well-written, making it an excellent choice for a favorite soundtrack.

This is lively indie music with a lot of vigor, much like the rays of the summer sun on the horizon in the background.

The Newest

There are recollections of both the first date and the farewell party that are triggered by this song.

This is a song that avid fans should listen to throughout the whole spring season, if possible.

The story of how a progressive girl and a conservative guy met and fell in love is described, as well as the story of how they ended up together.

Other tracks to listen to – Shape Of Love

It’s the second track on KLEPTO’s 1983 EP. The song’s lovely tempo and synths set the stage for the song’s ecstatic vocals. The lyrics depict the struggles of a lonely night lad unable to be with his love. The boy’s crazy ideas and quivering emotions are exposed in the rain.

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